Job Title: Digital Marketing Specialist

Job ID#: DMS0302

Employer: BB Crafts Inc. 

Worksite: 1951 South Lynx Ave., Ontario, CA 91761


  • Operate various digital channels and promote the company's brand and image awareness and lead generation. 

  • Conduct market research using Return on Investment (ROI) analysis, evaluate customer preference, and ensure that the company's products align with customer preference using customer Segmentation. 

  • Develop and execute marketing strategies, conduct marketing campaigns using Factor Analysis, observe and react to marketplace changes. 

  • Evaluate and report on the company's marketing performance using Excel and Google Analytics. 

  • Monitor the company's social media platforms engagement and conduct website traffic qualitative analysis using Predictive Analysis and Segmentation.



  • Master’s degree in Marketing, Business Administration, or related field;

  • Familiar with data preprocessing and visualization via Excel;

  • Proficient in Factor Analysis, ROI Analysis, Google Analytics, Predictive Analysis, and Segmentation.

To apply, mail CV with Job ID#: DMS0302 to Human Resource, 1951 South Lynx Ave., Ontario, CA 91761.