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Nylon Tulle Fabric 25 Yards

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3,6,9,12,18 Inch Nylon Tulle Fabric

25 Yards/Roll

Perfect for Wedding, Special Occasion and gift wrapping, tutu making and other decorations

Compliance with CPSIA Requirement on Lead Substances

Not Flame Retardant

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Find other tulle materials at discount prices. It come spools, bolts and circles. Our premium nylon tulle fabrics are best to buy that is made with the fine woven rolls. we provide you the tulle rolls with quality and durable abilities. Tulle rolls are apt for your accessories based handy craft works that enables the works brilliantly.it gives you the trendy look that can be used for both of your craft and accessories work. You can bring your crafts ideas into reality by our tulle rolls. You can garner your accessories like gowns, and other kind of floral projects. you can surprise your guests and friends with our tulle rolls in form of bouquets, wreaths and wrapping gifts. Tulle rolls comes in variety of colors. we take single purchase and wholesale orders for our tulle rolls. It is available in rolls, bolts and circle patterns kind of form.

All bulk and retail customers are capable to buy from us at affordable pricing without least necessities!

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6 inch 25 Yards $ 1.15

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