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Twill Tape

Our printed twill tape is available with unique designs for both girls and boys. You can also add beauty to your craft work because this twill tape is widely used for chair cushion ties, creating table runners and mats. BB Crafts sells high-quality cotton material from where you can purchase your twill tape at wholesale rates. One of the best thing these twill tape wholesale is available for both online and offline in the market so that you can easily purchase.

Twill tape is very useful for tailoring and stitching purposes as it can easily come in your budget. Twill tape ribbons provide the best option for all types of tape printing,

These ribbons are glossy, lightweight that’s why it is considered as the best choice for all kinds of tape printing. It gives a gorgeous look when used in combination with gowns and other elegant outfits.

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5/8 Inch - 25 Yards 0.30 lbs $6.69
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Christmas - Twill Tape Home is the Love of - ( 5/8 Inch - 25 Yards ) Usually Ships in 1 to 2 Days
Our Price $10.00
Sale Price: $6.19