Welcome to the world of the choicest, trendiest and the most riveting materials in wedding accessories and party favors. Here at BBCrafts, we have already crossed the 100000+ users mark and are on our way to becoming 'the site to go to' for all things wedding. Check out our catalogue where you will see a whole lot of variety of ribbons at wholesale prices in addition to our newest category of tablecloths.

There is no middle man involved here since all our products come from our manufacturers and we sell it to you directly, which means you get a great bargain for every product includes ribbons, tablecloths and other wedding accessories. So go ahead and shop to your heart's content. Choose what you want because there is no minimum order and everything you have chosen will be shipped within 24 hours.

With wholesale ribbons from BBCrafts, your crafting spirit will awaken when you see the choices of wholesale ribbon fabrics and designs that are available. Whether you are going to be decorating your home or hall for an event, making an elegant rose, or tying a simple bow, you will find what you need here at BBCrafts. We also carry a large selection of wholesale tulle premium fabric for all of your artistic projects. This beautifully woven flexible nylon netting is a preferred fabric of crafters due to its ease of use and resiliency.

One of the products that is required in abundance for weddings are wholesale ribbons. On our site, we offer the most amazing selection using which you can decorate your wedding hall, house and any event you deem fit. Provide an outlet to your ideas with our rainbow range of colors and let your creative side take effect.

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I placed my first order with bbcrafts last week for 33 different products and I received the order today.  Everything was just perfect.  The quality of the products was excellent, even better than I expected and the prices were reasonable. I am extremely happy with the products and will be ordering again soon.  
- - Jan Way

Have a look at the variety of wholesale ribbons we provide to help you make up your mind.

Some of the popular varieties include satin and organza ribbons. These have their own innate power which can transform anything they are added to. Grosgrain ribbons look resplendent with a slight matte effect that can be added to bouquets, decorations, dresses or even to accessorize the table and chairs.

Another variation will to be use specialty ribbons, because we know that every wedding is unique and this is where you can create something that is uniquely yours. Use it spice up your Valentine's Day dress or bring on the Christmas cheer.

BB Crafts has Huge Selection of Fabric Ribbons, Tulle Fabrics, Wedding Accessories & Wedding Decorations

For other materials that will find a place in your celebrations, have a look at what is on offer.

    Tulle Fabrics

    Tulle fabrics are simply ideal to give shape to your creative dreams and artistic projects. Use this material to craft the most imaginative tasks as these are pretty easy to use and can prove to be the best you have worked with. For an exceptional touch try our premium glimmer or glitter materials that will enrich your creations and take it to the next level That is beauty of selecting wholesale tulle fabrics as it can offer you the scope of creating large pieces without having to restrain your creative spirit. Choose the color and style you want as we offer them at the best rates you will find in the market.

    Tulle fabric along with ribbons is a favorite of many crafters because it is so easy to work with. It comes in many colors, and they can purchase it in rolls, bolts, or even circles. This mesh fabric is perfect for making small bags that when tied with a simple ribbon bow are wonderful for party favors. It is also great for transforming any area when you use large pieces in the color of your choice to drape elegantly over existing curtains. Choose the color and style you want as we offer them at the best rates (wholesale ribbon rates) you will find in the market.

    Floral Mesh

    Another great fabric to work with is the floral mesh which has a life and style of its own. There is an abundance of design and pattern you can create by adding it to table runners or for packaging an unforgettable wedding or party favor. The beauty of choosing these from BBCrafts.com is that you are getting a high quality material that will never unravel or tear up easily. Choose from our range of multi-color, metallic and even holiday floral mesh wraps to produce something truly distinctive. We also carry natural jute mesh wraps to satisfy our environmentally conscious customers.


    A great wedding and party accessory is the tablecloth. The right color and touch can make your event memorable, providing a grand atmosphere with its elegant setting and style. The right accessories like napkins, chair covers and even the center piece can enhance the effect. Choose crisp white base linen and splash bold colors on it from an array of satin spreads provided for you. We offer these in various sizes to match the furniture you have rented. Select the ones you prefer and order it in bulk to benefit from the prices being offered.

    Wedding Supplies

    We understand you don't want to look at too many places for what you want and that is why we have gathered everything you need for your wedding right here in our wedding supplies section. Have a look at our collection and you might see items you would love to add to your special celebration. All our products are of the highest quality and we can assure you that you will be more than satisfied with your purchase. Choose from our range of accessories, table runners, ring bearer pillows, flower girl baskets, wedding tiaras, lace garters and much more for your wedding.

    Wedding Favors

    A wedding can somehow not be complete without a great set of party or wedding favors added to it. We carry innumerable items that will match exceedingly well to your planned finances. Our selections are elegant and even the budgeted ones will outdo their prices and manage to captivate guests with their ingenuity. There is absolutely no need for you to stress out over selections because we carry a large variety of them. You only have to choose one and put in the bulk order. So have a look at our offerings and rest assured that you will never be short of ideas and enthusiastic acknowledgements.

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