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Are you looking forward to decorate your gift basket with beautiful cheap ribbons but don’t have any idea of how to do it?

This is probably the most appropriate article for you. Here you can learn how to decorate your gift basket beautifully with cheap ribbons that can add the fifth star to your gift presentation. Florists have been using such ribbons to enhance the presentation of their bouquets. But gone are the days when the bow making technique of florists was considered to be a secret. Now anyone can learn the technique and decorate their gift baskets beautifully. It is not only simple to learn but also very inexpensive, which is why more people are inclined towards using cheap ribbons to decorate their basket. Instructions for making a ribbon bow: Here are a few instructions that can help you learn the technique of bow making: 1. You can use any kind of ribbon for making a professional looking bow. The first step is to cut your cheap ribbon into a length of 6 or 8 feet. It is recommended that you should use cheap ribbons in the beginning and then switch to expensive ones. 2. The second step is to design the center of your ribbon bow by rolling the ribbon over your thumb. However if you are using thinner ribbons, you should increase the number of folds to make it look more professional. 3. After making the center successfully, pinch it and roll it between your finger and thumb. 4. The tail of this stack should come out from the bottom. Do as many stacks as you wish to have. 5. After making the entire stack, all you have to do is pull the tail of your cheap ribbons to fluff up your bow and make it look professional. Don't lose to get wholesale prices, you'll get membership!