Natural Burlap Metallic Stripes Mesh

Burlap Metallic Stripes Mesh for Indoor or Outdoor Decoration

  • The burlap meshes are versatile products, made of 100 % natural or imitation jute fibers woven with stripes that bring the natural look and feel of burlap to your projects.
  • This decoration mesh is ideal for fresh or silk flowers, gift baskets, wrapping and much more! Available in 2 sizes: 6 inches and 21 inches.
  • The Deco Burlap Mesh can be easily shaped and formed that can be used for wreaths, floral arrangements, and pot covers.
  • This deco mesh is waterproof and durable, so you can easily use these decoration materials for indoor or outdoor purposes.


At Bb Crafts, we offer our natural burlap metallic stripes mesh, which is unique for floral wrapping and decoration. It is also perfect for wine bottle and bridal décor. Browse through our selection that gives your craft project a stunning look and at pocket-friendly prices.