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Ribbons of different types are used for different purposes ranging from tying up the hair to wedding decorations.

When it comes to wedding decorations, people commonly use Satin ribbons. These ribbons are smooth, glossy and impart a posh look. Apart from decoration purposes they are also used for wrapping gifts, and other craft materials. Satin ribbons are easily available in different sizes and colors. They grades of these ribbons also vary according to the use. As per your use, you can choose them from the wide variety available. Satin ribbons for decoration purposes must be bought in bulk. That is, they have to be bought in spools and not on the basis pieces or meters. Before buying them, you must decide the width of the ribbons. The width is decided based on the purpose. If you want them for wedding decorations, then you must have a range of width varying from 1/8th inch to 3/8th inch. If you need them for ordinary flower and bow-making purposes, then you must go for the ones that are 1/8th inch wide. Hence it is necessary to choose them accordingly. There is a variety of color available ranging from pure white to the rarest of shades. They are also available in pastel colors. There are ribbons available with borders on them such as gold bordered at the edges, double colored ribbons etc. Apart from this, there are ribbons with attractive designs on them. When you buy Satin ribbons in yards, they normally come in spools of about fifty or hundred yards each. If you need more quantity, you have to buy additional number of yards. The price per spool on a wholesale basis goes to as low as $1.75. The maximum you may have to spend when you buy them from a wholesale market is never more than $10. If you check online, you will get many deals on outstanding quality Satin ribbons that are commonly used for decoration and art and craft purposes. Don't lose to get wholesale prices, you'll get membership!