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Ric Rac Trim

ric rac trim

Ric rac trim gives your epic finishing looks to your handy craft works and hems. You can use them in any of your craft related applications that bring life to your craft projects. It’s delightful, trendy and unique that can be added up with any kind of fabrics and woolen materials.

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5mm = 3/16 inch, 7mm = approximately 1/4  inch, 10mm = approximately 1/2 inch

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Product Information Weight As Low As
5mm - 25 Yards 0.20 lbs $1.60


  • Total record: 18


Item 33001 As Low As $1.60

Light Pink

Item 33003 As Low As $1.60

Light Blue

Item 33004 As Low As $1.60

Spring Moss

Item 33008 As Low As $1.60

Apple Green

Item 33009 As Low As $1.60


Item 33012 As Low As $1.60


Item 33018 As Low As $1.60


Item 33019 As Low As $1.60


Item 33021 As Low As $1.60


Item 33022 As Low As $1.60


Item 33024 As Low As $1.60

Royal Blue

Item 33025 As Low As $1.60


Item 33028 As Low As $1.60


Item 33038 As Low As $1.60


Item 33039 As Low As $1.60

Shocking Pink

Item 33044 As Low As $1.60


Item 33048 As Low As $1.60

Light Gold

Item 33049 As Low As $1.60
  • Total record: 18

Good Old Ric Rac Trim, Back in Fashion The fashion of Ric Rac Trim, or ric rac ribbon, a traditional and well-known decorative means to enhance the look of a dress, a gift item, or home decorations, is back again, and both youngsters and elders are going crazy about it.

Ric rac ribbons, which are being used widely nowadays, not only give a perfect complimentary trim to a dress or other craft projects, but also make them interesting by giving a formal, professional, or retro look, depending on their uses. The needlecraft, which has many names, from waved braid, zigzag braid, snake braid, and corrugated braid to rick rack, first gained popularity way back in the 1800s. Latest Trends Now, designers are rediscovering that Ric Rac Trim can make a bold fashion statement by using contrasting, matching, or invisible ric rac ribbons. High quality polyester or polyester/cotton blends of wholesale ric rac trims are in plentiful supply in many sizes, from very tiny to very large, and many colors, like solid colors, prints, color gradations, and metallic, and are also available in chenille textures. Average Price The average price of nylon/spandex ric rac ribbon is around $0.02-2 per yard, while solid and multicolor polyester ric rac trims are priced around $0.05-0.15 per yard. The zigzag cotton or polyester trimming lace in golden and silver colors is available in around $0.015-0.17 per meter. Domestic Use The specialty of this zigzag needlework is that its application is very easy, and it does not require any professional skill. People can use ric rac trims to make craft projects at home, and the prices of wholesale ric rac trims are also suitable for the domestic use. It is a fairly stable trim, and could be used for just about anything like to tie gift boxes, as spirals on a notebook, or running it across a scrapbook page, or finishing off an apron, dress, or a bag. Not only this, it can also go over gathers or pleats to create a trim for a mock-smocked look.