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108 Inch Tulle Bolt 50 Yards

108 inch tulle bolts (50 yards)

108 inch premium tulle fabric can add values to your special occasions and party wardrobe decorations. its available in bolts in 50 yards spool length. Your party gowns will be applauded by our premium tulle fabric elegant touch. Buy wholesale 108 inch premium tulle fabrics from us and enjoy our services at best price.

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108 inch 50 Yards $39.75


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white 108 inch tulle fabric bolt 50 yards


Item 10801
light pink 108 inch tulle fabric bolt 50 yards

Light Pink

Item 10803
purple 108 inch tulle fabric bolt 50 yards


Item 10811
ivory 108 inch tulle fabric bolt 50 yards


Item 10818
black 108 inch tulle fabric bolt 50 yards


Item 10821
fuchsia 108 inch tulle fabric bolt 50 yards


Item 10828
shocking pink 108 inch tulle fabric bolt 50 yards

Shocking Pink

Item 10844

108 Inch Tulle Fabric Bolt – For “Sheer” Celebrations There are many kinds of decorative fabrics with tulle being the most beautiful kind. This finely woven net with its sheer transparency adds a fairytale appeal to wherever it is used. One of the easiest ways to beautifully decorate your home for a special occasion is with a 108 inch tulle fabric bolt.

Tulle is best known for its use in wedding decorations, especially wedding veils. There are many other ways to use tulle for enhancing your wedding decorations. Tulle can be used to wrap around pews, columns and arches, chairs or chandeliers. Flower vases take on added elegance when wrapped in tulle. Other ways to accessorize with a 108 inch tulle fabric bolt is to cut streamers of varying lengths and tie them around stair railings. Gift wraps, invitations, or anything else that you fancy to use tulle for adds beauty and elegance to your celebration. Using tulle adds classical elegance to an ordinary looking church or reception hall. You can turn dull into dazzling. Other uses for a 108 inch tulle fabric bolt are for flower decorations. Wrapping it around bouquets make them even more beautiful. Tulle can also be used for gift wrap accessorizing. By simply cutting a strip of tulle fabric to the desired length and width and make it into a bow or rosette. The finished bow or rosette can be placed in numerous ways to enhance the beauty of the gift wrapping. For added beauty, take two or three different colored swathes of tulle and use them to wrap the entire gift instead of using ordinary wrapping tissue. Tulle isn’t limited to just one color or style, you can choose 108 inch tulle fabric bolt in animal prints, monotonous colors and embellished with glitter to name a few. With so many choices to choose from, you can have a blast decorating with tulle