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Premium Glitter Tulle Fabric

premium glitter tulle fabric

Premium glitter tulle fabric is cost efficient fabric material that shows its versatile usage in all your craft related projects. Wedding and party decorations will be applauded by garnering with our glitter tulle fabric.

Its sparkle look and variety of colors makes your special occasions awesome and delightful. Interior home decorations like curtains and drapes finish gives you a adorable look. Innovate different craft ideas by using our tulle fabric products. Wedding and party gowns will be colorful and trendy with our wholesale tulle fabrics.

Mix and match colors for your wholesale glitter tulle fabric bolts to gain quantity discounts for your order. Our items are sold not only in bolts but also in six inch-wide rolls and circles for packaging.

Width Length As Low As
6 inch 25 Yards $2.99
54 inch 10 Yards $9.99
6 inch 10 Yards $2.25


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Light Blue

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Apple Green

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Royal Blue

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Navy Blue

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Shocking Pink

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Glitter tulle fabric rendering a shimmering looks

Tulle fabric was once when created was never thought will give us such wide area to work on. Glitter tulle fabric was one such creation. The surface was coated with glitter resign and then heat set. Or the fiber used was glitter treated, so that when the mesh was created it gave a glitter look. The sparkling shine was achieved and the fabric became talk of the town and easily accepted. Everything but the feel and the fall changed a little bit. Durability is such if kept properly they will go on for a long time. And they are so easy accepted and at affordable price that they will never lose their impotence. Variety: Glitter tulle fabric also comes in various colors from light to dark colors. Dull to bright colors are also used with shine or without shine. In nutshell due to vast use of the fabric a variety of colors have been worked on to provide a big range of colors to work on. As the name suggests Glitter tulle fabric, it is used in various pompous events. To add the value to a given object or place is its main work. It needs care to maintain the shine and the feel. Mild soap wash is recommended and drip dry. Any use of harsh chemical will make it very rough and also will fade the effect of the fabric. Appearance: Glitter tulle is one of the best creations. The fine mesh gives it a very special look. It has been traditional and the best fancy fabric ever developed. As for the matter of fact, this huge popularity has given way for further research and development. It is difficult to see an event decorated without Glitter tulle fabric. Even if you particularly avoid it may appear in the form of small ribbon on a gift pack.