Grosgrain Ribbon Skull Design

Grosgrain Ribbon Skull Design

Grosgrain ribbon made from 100% polyester along with - Width: 3/8 inch, Length: 25 yards.

At, our Grosgrain Skull Design Ribbon bring something different to the plate and is perfect for Halloween, pirate themes and much more due to its dark and dangerous repeating pattern. You can purchase this beautiful product from our online store at affordable price.

Grosgrain ribbon skull designs are used in various places to show hazards in chemicals, and now it is even used in jewelry. Individuals living a particular lifestyle or trying to project a certain image they use jewelry with skull designs as part of their identity. It seems totally different with other designs and style. Jewelry containing skull designs includes bracelets, necklaces, rings, pendants and even as patterns on jackets, boots and other clothing. Skull rings are the most common jewelry in the scope of many people. If you want to do something different you can use this skull design ribbons that provide you elegant look in your style and decoration.

WidthLengthRetail Price
3/8 inch 25 Yards $4.69
5/8 inch 25 Yards $6.45
7/8 inch 25 Yards $7.45
1-1/2 inch 25 Yards $12.69

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