Metallic Glitter Ribbon

Metallic Ribbons

The beautiful metallic ribbons have that quality to attract the viewers. This amazing ribbon holds the power that allows you to embellish you clothes, accessories, crafts and more. These metallic ribbons can also be used to adorn the gifts packs. At BB crafts, you can get done with all your metallic ribbon requirements and that too at the most affordable rate. All the ribbons we provide are best in quality and therefore these ribbons are best for the individuals who are into some event management business as they can get all the stuff for wholesale through BB crafts. By this, you can save a lot of your hard earned cash and valuable time that you might have wasted visiting the jam-packed markets to get all the stuff you need for the decorations at some event you are looking forward to.

Product InformationWeightRetail Price
7/8 Inch 25 Yards 0.60 lbs $6.58