Spring Ribbon

Easter Spring Ribbon

When you talk about the fashion colors, it directly sounds the fashionable colors for the spring season. Although these spring ribbons are special occasions and parties decorative material that brings elegance and style.

You cannot consider these fabrics entirely out of fashion when the fashion colors or design changes again and again. Spring ribbon is the best accessory to be combined with your valuable gifts for your loved one, in particular on an Easter.

These fabrics used for parties such as young girl can style up her hair bows with spring ribbon and for event dresses like Christmas, Easter and ballet dress gathered with spring ribbon gives her elegant and eye-catchy looks. At BB Crafts, we offer our premium quality of spring ribbons that are available in all new colors such as Apple Green, Baby Maize, Chocolate Brown and fuchsia along with different sizes and patterns. You can achieve these fabrics in size of 1-1/2 inch x 10 yards.

Spring is perfect for the chevron design, and by merging this ribbon with other colors, you can make an impact whether that's for decorating a wedding cake, or a loved one's birthday gift.

Bulk and retail customers are capable of buying from us at affordable pricing without least necessities!

Product InformationWeightRetail Price
2-1/2 Inch x 10 Yards 0.40 lbs $7.25