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Wired ribbons can help you achieve the objective of making professional looking bows for your gift basket.

Wired ribbons are the ones that contain a wire underneath the material of the ribbon to hide it. The objective of implementing a wire underneath is that it provides greater flexibility and can hold a design for a longer time. Such ribbons are used by professionals to decorate the gift baskets and items. You can easily get these ribbons from a craft shop and use it as per your requirement. You can even order one matching your specifications. The use of wired ribbon in craft and making bows is now a popular practice. These ribbons are called so because they have a wire running through the length of the ribbon. These ribbons are more rigid as compared to plain ribbons which may sometimes fail to maintain your bow design. It is available in various design and shapes which can easily mingle with your gift basket. Making your wired ribbon bows: 1. The first step is to cut your wired ribbon in pieces of 24 inches long each. 2. The next step is to tie knots on either end of the pieces of ribbon. This will result in the formation of a bow at the center. 3. Measure the ribbon and cut it in equal parts. 4. Place those equal pieces of ribbon on the top of your center bow. It is also to be noted that the center bow should be cleaner and smooth. After making the wired ribbon bow, you can glue it to your gift basket to add that fifth star to your gift presentation. Moreover, the bows made out of such ribbons are more sustainable as compared to the plain ribbon bows. Try making one such bow for your family needs! Don't lose to get wholesale prices, you'll get membership!