11 Ribbon-Inspired Wedding Decor Ideas to Add a Luxurious and Modern Touch BBCrafts.com

Ribbons are one of the most beautiful décor materials that add elegance to your wedding. You can use ribbons for decorating your wedding cakes, bouquets, chairs, and many others. This craft and décor material may also serve as one of the most affordable options for seat covers. 

The ideas of wedding decoration using ribbons are limitless. It is ideal to find an online fabric supplier for buying wholesale ribbons, fabrics, chair covers, tablecloths, favor bags, and many others. Below, I’m going to share some inspiring ribbon wedding decoration ideas to add elegance to your decoration. 

1.  Accessorize Your Ceremony 

The part of your big day that gets a little amount of money is the ceremony. You can find yourself cutting corners because your guests will not stay in that place too long, especially, if you choose a different location for your ceremony and reception. You can use ribbons for dressing up the back of your chair and altar. 

A simple wedding program can get an infusion of color and opulence when tied together with satin ribbon. You can choose ribbons to match with your wedding colors or simply go neutral to get a classy look. 

2.  Ribbon Bouquet 

Ribbon Bouquet

Bridal bouquets adorned with silk, satin, or organza ribbons look outstanding and also add the perfect romantic touch. You can use various ribbons in a wide range of shades and textures for complementing the neutral hues and also take your bouquet to the next level.   

3.  Ribbon Stationery 

You will absolutely love the texture, luxury, and softness that you will get adding a touch of ribbons to your invitations, ceremony programs, and stationery. This is also one of the great ways to incorporate your wedding color throughout the day. 

4.  Ribbon Table Plan 

Ribbon Table Plan

You can guide your guests to their dinner with the help of pretty escort cards. The best thing about this display is it doubles up as an interactive wedding decoration. 

5.  Ribbon Wands 

Ribbon Wands

Making or incorporating these wedding décor items into your ceremony is a great way to celebrate your nuptials. It is also a sweet and pocket-friendly flower substitute for your little attendants. 

6.  Ribbon Backdrops 

Ribbon Backdrops

Making a ribbon backdrop is too easy and simple. You can incorporate this décor item behind the top table, cake table, or also as a backdrop for your wedding photo booth. By using different colors to your backdrop, you can add a pop of color to your decoration. 

7.  Ribbon Chair Décor 

One of the gorgeous ways to spruce up your wedding chair, buy organza or satin ribbons in bulk and decorate your chair all the way to the floor, or make a bow. You can also use them only for decorating bride and groom chairs to make them special. 

8.  Ribbon Wedding Cakes 

Ribbon Wedding Cakes

Nothing will be prettier than a beautiful cake finished with a satin ribbon bow. This is also one of the easiest ways to add richness to a simple cake. 

9.  Place Settings 

You can also dress up your napkins with pretty satin or silk ribbon. For adding the wow factor to your event, you can use calligraphy for pacing your guests’ names on the ribbon. 

10.  Ribbon Chandeliers and Installations 

It is great to create a wow-factor at your event with a chandelier and large-scale installations. You can also take the help of a professional to design something special. 

11.  Ribbon Wedding Favors 

 Ribbon Wedding Favors

It is also great to use ribbons for embellishing your wedding favor bags. You can either make a bow or directly attach ribbons to your favor bag to add an extra special touch. 

These are some of the best ribbon wedding décor ideas that you can use. You can find one of the best wedding-related product suppliers for buying ribbons, fabrics, chair covers, tablecloths, favor bags, and many others. 

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