17 Creative Ideas to Use Burlap Ribbon in Party Decorations: Stylish and Budget-Friendly Options BBCrafts.com

When it comes to party decorations, creativity knows no bounds. Whether you're planning a rustic-themed wedding, a cozy birthday celebration, or a charming outdoor soirée, burlap ribbon can be your secret weapon for achieving a stylish and budget-friendly atmosphere. In this blog, we'll explore the versatility of burlap ribbon and provide you with a plethora of ideas to make your party decorations stand out.

1. Burlap Table Runners

Start by adding warmth and texture to your tables with burlap table runners. They provide an excellent backdrop for centerpieces and tableware. You can leave them plain for a rustic look or personalize them with stencils, paint, or lace trim for a touch of elegance, giving a blended look and feel with best quality tablecloths.

2. Rustic Chair Décor


Burlap, with its natural fibers and earthy tones, has a way of adding a rustic charm to any setting. Its versatility and durability make it an excellent choice for crafting chair sashes that are not only beautiful but also able to withstand the rigors of use without sacrificing style. The texture of burlap fabric pairs wonderfully with a variety of themes, from country to bohemian, and complements other décor elements like wood, lace, and fresh flowers.

Creating Burlap Ribbon Chair Sashes

1. Selecting Your Burlap Ribbon: Begin with high-quality burlap ribbon, choosing a width that suits the scale of your chairs and the overall look you wish to achieve. Typically, a ribbon width of about 2 to 6 inches works well, offering enough presence without overwhelming the chair’s design.

2. Measuring and Cutting: Measure the length of ribbon you’ll need for each chair, allowing extra for a generous bow or knot at the back. It’s a good idea to add at least 18-24 inches on top of the chair back width to ensure you have enough ribbon to work with.

3. Tying the Sashes: You can choose to tie your burlap sashes in a simple knot at the back of the chair for a more understated look, or opt for a more elaborate bow for added drama. For a secure fit, make sure to tie the ribbon tightly around the chair back, adjusting as needed to ensure it sits neatly.

4. Embellishing Your Sashes: For an extra touch of elegance, consider adding embellishments to your burlap sashes. This could be anything from fresh or silk flowers, lace trim, or even small, rustic signs with table numbers or messages. Attach these embellishments securely to the knot or bow of your sash using floral wire or hot glue.

5. Consistency is Key: Ensure that each chair is decorated with the same care and attention to detail to maintain a cohesive look throughout your event space. Consistency in the way the ribbons are tied and embellished will enhance the overall aesthetic and make your décor look professionally done.


3. Wreath Making


The timeless appeal of rustic decor continues to captivate, blending effortlessly with both modern and traditional styles. A quintessential emblem of this trend is the burlap wreath, celebrated for its versatility and natural charm. In this detailed guide, we’ll walk you through creating your own rustic burlap wreath, perfect for any season or occasion.

Materials Needed:

• Burlap ribbon (2-4 inches wide)
• Wreath form (wire or grapevine) 
• Faux flowers and berries
• Sign or ornament (optional)
• Floral wire or hot glue gun
• Scissors

Step 1: Preparation

Begin by selecting a wreath form suitable for your project size. Wire forms offer a smooth base for decorations, while grapevine forms add an extra layer of rustic appeal, ideal for outdoor displays. Measure and cut your burlap ribbon into lengths that are manageable and easy to work with, typically around 2-3 feet each to avoid tangling.

Step 2: Wrapping the Form

Secure the end of your burlap ribbon to the wreath form using floral wire or a dab of hot glue. Wrap the ribbon around the form in a slightly overlapping manner to ensure complete coverage, creating a full and textured base. Continue wrapping, securing the end of one ribbon and starting the next until the entire form is covered. The beauty of burlap lies in its natural, imperfect texture, so don’t worry about achieving a flawless wrap.

Step 3: Adding Embellishments

Once your wreath form is fully wrapped in burlap, it’s time to personalize it with embellishments. Faux flowers and berries can be attached using floral wire or hot glue, allowing you to design a wreath that reflects the current season or an upcoming holiday. For a spring wreath, consider pastel blooms and greenery. For fall, opt for richer tones and autumnal elements like pinecones and dried leaves.

Step 4: Customizing with a Sign

For a more personalized touch, consider adding a sign or ornament. This could be anything from a welcoming message to a festive greeting. Secure the sign to your wreath with floral wire or hot glue, ensuring it’s firmly in place. This step is optional but adds a unique focal point to your wreath, making it truly one-of-a-kind.

Step 5: Final Touches and Display

Inspect your wreath for any loose ends or areas that may need additional embellishments. Once satisfied, create a loop with a piece of burlap ribbon or floral wire at the back for easy hanging. Display your rustic burlap ribbon wreath proudly on your front door, above your mantel, or any spot in need of a touch of handmade charm.

Creating a rustic burlap ribbon wreath is a satisfying project that adds warmth and personality to your home decor. By following these steps, you can craft a beautiful, seasonally adaptable decoration that showcases your creative flair. Whether it’s a festive holiday accent or a welcoming everyday piece, your burlap wreath will bring a cozy, rustic vibe to your living space.


4. Mason Jar Wraps

Wrap mason jars or glass vases with burlap ribbon and secure them with twine or a decorative wraps. These rustic vases are perfect for holding flowers, candles, or utensils.

5. Utensil Holders

Create adorable utensil holders by cutting burlap into small rectangles. Fold them around sets of utensils and secure with glue or twine. Add a sprig of fresh herbs or a faux flower for an extra touch of charm.

6. Burlap Flowers

Make your own burlap flowers to adorn tables or hang on walls. You can find various tutorials online for crafting burlap flowers in different styles and sizes. They add a delightful rustic element to your décor.

7. Table Numbers or Name Tags

Cut burlap into squares or rectangles and use them as table numbers or name tags. Customize them with stencils, stamps, or handwritten calligraphy for a personal touch.

8. Rustic Centerpieces

Wrap burlap ribbon around vases, mason jars, or candleholders to create rustic centerpieces. Fill them with fresh flowers, candles, or even small succulents for an earthy vibe.

9. Gift Wrapping

Extend the burlap theme to your party favors or gifts. Wrap presents with burlap fabric and secure with twine or ribbon. Add a sprig of greenery or a personalized gift tag to complete the look.

10. Burlap Photo Backdrop

Create a charming photo backdrop by hanging strips of burlap ribbon vertically or horizontally. Guests can use this backdrop to capture memorable moments during the party.

11. Burlap Placemats

Make simple burlap placemats by cutting rectangles of burlap fabric. They add an organic and rustic touch to each place setting.

12. Outdoor Decor

If your party is outdoors, burlap can be used to enhance the natural surroundings. Wrap burlap around tree trunks, drape it over fences, or use it to create a rustic canopy for seating areas.

13. Candle Wraps

Wrap burlap around pillar candles and secure it with twine or lace. These candle wraps give off a cozy and inviting glow.

14. Dessert Table Decor

Decorate your dessert table with burlap accents. Cover cake stands, trays, or dessert plates with burlap fabric or ribbon for a cohesive look.

15. Bunting Flags

Craft bunting flags using burlap triangles and attach them to twine or rope. Hang them across the party area to add a festive touch.

16. Burlap Deco Mesh Garland

Create a versatile burlap deco mesh garland that can adorn your mantel, stairway, or doorway, adding a rustic vibe to your home decor.


• Burlap deco mesh
• Floral wire
• Wire cutter
• Embellishments (e.g., ribbons, lights, small ornaments)


1. Cut and Gather: Cut long strips of burlap deco mesh. Gather and scrunch along the center, securing with floral wire at intervals to create a garland base.
2. Embellish: Weave in ribbons or string lights through your garland for a festive or sophisticated look, depending on the occasion.
3. Add Ornaments: Attach small ornaments or decorations to the garland with floral wire, spacing them evenly for a balanced appearance.
4. Display: Drape your burlap deco mesh garland across a mantel, down a stairway, or around a doorway for an instant uplift in your home’s aesthetic.

17. Door Hangers

Craft door hangers or welcome signs by attaching burlap ribbon to wooden shapes or letters. Personalize them with paint, stencils, or embellishments.

Design charming burlap wreaths to greet your guests at the entrance or hang them inside as wall décor. Add artificial flowers, greenery, or small ornaments to match your party's theme.


Burlap ribbon is an incredibly versatile and budget-friendly material for party decorations. Its rustic charm can enhance the ambiance of various celebrations, from weddings and birthdays to outdoor gatherings and holiday parties. By incorporating these creative burlap ideas, you'll not only impress your guests but also achieve a stylish and inviting atmosphere that perfectly suits your event's theme. So, let your imagination run wild, and let top quality burlap ribbon be the star of your next celebration's décor.