17 Creative Ideas to Use Burlap Ribbon in Party Decorations: Stylish and Budget-Friendly Options

When it comes to party decorations, creativity knows no bounds. Whether you're planning a rustic-themed wedding, a cozy birthday celebration, or a charming outdoor soirée, burlap ribbon can be your secret weapon for achieving a stylish and budget-friendly atmosphere. In this blog, we'll explore the versatility of burlap ribbon and provide you with a plethora of ideas to make your party decorations stand out.

1. Burlap Table Runners

Start by adding warmth and texture to your tables with burlap table runners. They provide an excellent backdrop for centerpieces and tableware. You can leave them plain for a rustic look or personalize them with stencils, paint, or lace trim for a touch of elegance, giving a blended look and feel with best quality tablecloths.

2. Rustic Chair Décor

Tie burlap ribbon around the backrests of chairs to create charming chair sashes. Finish them with a bow or a simple knot. This not only adds visual interest but also makes your seating arrangement look cohesive.

3. Burlap Banners

Craft custom banners using burlap triangles. Paint letters or messages on each triangle to spell out "Happy Birthday," "Love," or the guest of honor's name. String them together with twine or jute rope to create a rustic burlap banner.

4. Mason Jar Wraps

Wrap mason jars or glass vases with burlap ribbon and secure them with twine or a decorative button. These rustic vases are perfect for holding flowers, candles, or utensils.

5. Utensil Holders

Create adorable utensil holders by cutting burlap into small rectangles. Fold them around sets of utensils and secure with glue or twine. Add a sprig of fresh herbs or a faux flower for an extra touch of charm.

6. Burlap Flowers

Make your own burlap flowers to adorn tables or hang on walls. You can find various tutorials online for crafting burlap flowers in different styles and sizes. They add a delightful rustic element to your décor.

7. Table Numbers or Name Tags

Cut burlap into squares or rectangles and use them as table numbers or name tags. Customize them with stencils, stamps, or handwritten calligraphy for a personal touch.

8. Rustic Centerpieces

Wrap burlap ribbon around vases, mason jars, or candleholders to create rustic centerpieces. Fill them with fresh flowers, candles, or even small succulents for an earthy vibe.

9. Gift Wrapping

Extend the burlap theme to your party favors or gifts. Wrap presents with burlap fabric and secure with twine or ribbon. Add a sprig of greenery or a personalized gift tag to complete the look.

10. Burlap Photo Backdrop

Create a charming photo backdrop by hanging strips of burlap ribbon vertically or horizontally. Guests can use this backdrop to capture memorable moments during the party.

11. Burlap Placemats

Make simple burlap placemats by cutting rectangles of burlap fabric. They add an organic and rustic touch to each place setting.

12. Outdoor Decor

If your party is outdoors, burlap can be used to enhance the natural surroundings. Wrap burlap around tree trunks, drape it over fences, or use it to create a rustic canopy for seating areas.

13. Candle Wraps

Wrap burlap around pillar candles and secure it with twine or lace. These candle wraps give off a cozy and inviting glow.

14. Dessert Table Decor

Decorate your dessert table with burlap accents. Cover cake stands, trays, or dessert plates with burlap fabric or ribbon for a cohesive look.

15. Bunting Flags

Craft bunting flags using burlap triangles and attach them to twine or rope. Hang them across the party area to add a festive touch.

16. Place Card Holders

Create unique place card holders by folding and securing burlap rectangles. Insert a place card or small chalkboard sign into the holder to guide guests to their seats.

17. Wreaths

Design charming burlap wreaths to greet your guests at the entrance or hang them inside as wall décor. Add artificial flowers, greenery, or small ornaments to match your party's theme.


Burlap ribbon is an incredibly versatile and budget-friendly material for party decorations. Its rustic charm can enhance the ambiance of various celebrations, from weddings and birthdays to outdoor gatherings and holiday parties. By incorporating these creative burlap ideas, you'll not only impress your guests but also achieve a stylish and inviting atmosphere that perfectly suits your event's theme. So, let your imagination run wild, and let top quality burlap ribbon be the star of your next celebration's décor.