3 Steps to Make a Beautiful Burlap Wreath Using Accent Ribbons BBCrafts.com

Decorating your home with burlap is an awesome experience. This is a usual fabric that will add a natural appearance to your home décor. You can also use this material for making a wide range of DIY crafts. It has earned its place in décor as a classic.

This décor and craft material can also look perfectly comfortable next to silk and finer fabric. If you want to decorate your home and make some DIY crafts within budget, then it is ideal to find a wholesale fabric supplier for buying organza fabric, burlap ribbon, deco mesh, chair cover, table runners, and many others at discounted prices. Below, I’m going to share a step-to-step guide for making a beautiful burlap wreath.

  • Burlap – Trendiest Fabric for Home Décor

If you like to craft and follow some home décor trends, you known burlap has been it for the past few years. It has even exposed up in wedding decorations, that’s how prevalent it has become. This is also one of the best fabrics that can be used for making a wreath. A bright, cheerful DIY burlap wreath will be perfect there to greet visitors arrive at your home. You can hang this on the outside wall just to the left of your front door that would be perfect for summer decoration.

  • Burlap Wreath – Perfect Project for Parties

Making a burlap wreath is so easy. It will also be a great project for creating with friends and families. You can also make this gorgeous wreath side by side one afternoon because it is easy and fast to make a DIY burlap wreath. Here are instructions to make this wreath. After completing this project, you will have your own personalized wreath to hang on your door.

Materials That You Will Need:

  • 5 -inches wide burlap ribbon or garland based on your requirement
  • 16-inch wire wreath, you can also use an 18-inch wire wreath if you want to make a big wreath
  • Orange polka dot accent ribbon
  • Orange chevron wired accent ribbon
  • 3 artificial accent flowers
  • Twine
  • Wooden initial flower
  • Black spray paint
  • Clear sealer spray paint
  • High-temperature glue gun
  • Glue sticks


Here are step-by-step instructions that will help you to make this DIY craft.

Step 1: Start the Wreath with a Knot

Start turning the wreath frame upside down and wrap a small amount of ribbon around one of the center wireframes. And after that, tie a knot as tight as you can leaving only a small tail remaining.

Step 2: Begin Weaving the Burlap Ribbon Through the Wire Frame

In this step, flip the wireframe around so the top faces you now and the knot you just made is in the back. Gather a small amount of burlap ribbon, such as 6-7 inches, into a loop and push it up between two of the wires in the frame. 

After that, take another 6-7 inches of burlap ribbon and create a loop, as well as wind it once for shifting the direction. You will then push the loop between two or the additional wires in the wreath frame so it’s not exactly next to the first one you strapped through. If you want a full wreath, then press your burlap loops together as closely as possible.

Step 3: Add the Accent Ribbon

As you did in the first step with jute ribbon, tie the end of your accent ribbons to the wireframe so the knot is on the backside of the DIY burlap wreath. Then, create a loop using 6-7 inches of accent ribbon and push it up between two of the wires in the frame that you have not used yet. At last, press the accent ribbon as closely as you can to your burlap loops.

By following the above-mentioned steps, you can easily make an eye-catchy wreath for your front door. You can find one of the best décors and crafts product suppliers for buying ribbons, tulle fabrics, chair covers, table skirts, napkins, silk flower petals, sashes, and many others.