4 Creative Things That Can Be Made Out Of Napkins BBCrafts.com
As we all know how much a napkin contributes to our daily life and table etiquette. We will face many issues if we don’t use napkins when having a meal. We often throw these tissues out for recycling and stuff but you should never throw the tissues as they can be of so many uses.

The napkin is right for the big event, for dinner, lunch, and breakfast, like a beverage napkin, and so forth. But you can have fun making your personalized designed items also with napkins.
Creative things that can be made out of napkins:

1. Classic scrapbook: the first use of napkins is they can be a classic savior for scrapbooks. As we know scrapbooks or wedding albums are the constant things we use to save our memory for years. But after certain years you eventually notice that your photos are fading the colors and losing the colors. But if you will add a napkin along with the photo in your scrapbook or photo album you won’t notice any of these, so this is how a simple napkin can save your thousands of emotions connected with that photo.

2. Can help in frame: You can even make a background of the frame and even design it accordingly. You can glue multiple napkins together to the back of the frame, which will act as a background for one of your most precious memory which you hold in a photograph. And then you can add a pattern with various other things or even with the napkin as well. With the help of colored napkins, you can add a design to the frame.

3. Can even turn into a coaster: You can even make coasters out of napkins. You will just need some basic things like ceramic tiles, any kind of strong adhesive which can hold everything together, and some polyurethane to seal it in.

4. Can be helpful in decorating candle holders: You can design the boring plain glass candle holder by decorating it with the help of napkins. You can make the design of a napkin and then can simply attach it to the holder. You have to attach the napkin with a strong adhesive that can let the napkin stick to the holder for a longer time, then you have sealed it with polyurethane, and then let it dry for some time and there you have a beautiful delicate candle holder for a special day.

These are a few innovative and interesting things you can do with the help of a napkin. As we know there are different types of napkins for every purpose, like face napkins, beverage napkins, etc. so you can use any kind of napkin to make these interesting items.