4 Easy Steps to Make a Gorgeous Stain Ribbon Wreath for Christmas BBCrafts.com

Christmas wreaths are one of the outstanding ways to dress up your front door, mantelpiece, or table. You can make a wreath that suits every style of home - from minimal to all-out allure. But if you're still stuck for a strategy that replicates your own individual taste, then it is inordinate to learn some imaginative ways to make an awesome wreath.

A DIY wreath will not only give your Christmas décor a personal touch, but it is also good for your budget and a great Christmas wreath. It is ideal to find a wholesale ribbon and fabric supplier for buying cheap satin ribbon, grosgrain ribbon, tulle fabric, chair cover, tablecloth, and many others at reasonable prices. Below, I’m going to share a step-by-step process for making your own Christmas wreath.

  • DIY Ribbon Wreath for Christmas

For making this beautiful wreath, you will need some craft supplies, including a large foam wreath form and red and green ribbon. For this wreath, you can choose a satin ribbon. You can easily find satin at any craft store. You can make a bow yourself or grab one in a color that matches your ribbon.

Supplies Required for DIY Ribbon Wreath:

  • 6-inch white foam wreath
  • 5-inch-wide red satin ribbon
  • 3/8-inch green satin ribbon
  • 2-5-inch green ribbon for bow
  • Bowmaker
  • Hot glue or tape


Step 1:

Begin by wrapping the foam wreath with a 1.5-inch red ribbon. You should use hot glue or tape for holding the beginning and end of the ribbon in place. You can also make this wreath temporary by just using tape. After the celebration, remove the ribbon and use it for other DIY projects. Although covering the ribbon, try to space the groups out consistently and be sure to consent sufficient room for the green ribbon which emanates next.

Step 2:

After adding red ribbon, wrap your thin green ribbon so, the green ribbon cataracts in between each shred of red ribbon.

Step 3:

Now, add a bow. You can either create your own or use a pre-purchased bow. Use a bow maker for making your own bow. Use 4 yards of ribbon and create three loops. Create first loop 10-inch long and two loops 8-inch long. The center loop should be 1.5-inch long and the streamer should be 11.5-inch long. Use a thin piece of wire for holding your bow together.

Step 4:

After that, attach a hanging loop. Cover the topmost of the wreath form, where your red and green ribbon started, with an extensive strip of ribbon. You can add a dangling loop with a thinner ribbon around this and ascribe your bow with wire or an additional piece of ribbon. Dangle the wreath up and celebrate your new DIY ribbon wreath.

By following the above-mentioned steps, you can make a beautiful Christmas wreath. You can find one of the best craft product suppers for buying deco mesh, wholesale grosgrain ribbon, lace fabric, burlap ribbon, tulle, organza fabric, and many others.