6 Simple Satin ribbon Craft Ideas You Will Absolutely Love to Make BBCrafts.com

Satin is a craft material that is characterized by a glossy surface on one side and a matte surface on the other. The possibilities are limitless with this material craft ideas. It comes in a wide range of colors, textures, and widths to suit any DIY project you have in your mind.

You can use this glossy material for different types of craft projects, from ghost tassel ornament, curling ribbon flowers, and ribbon curtains. The only limit with satin ribbon is your imagination. Below, I’m going to share some of the most popular ways of using these versatile ribbons.

  1. Ribbon Flowers

You can make different types of flowers using this material. You should read through instructions for making ribbon flowers before beginning, so you will know what the next step will be. They are fairly ornate which means making flowers will be easy and fun. Ribbon flowers are also one of the outstanding ways to decorate for any occasion such as baby showers, weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays.

  1. Satin Ribbon Curtain

One of the easiest and wonderful ways to spice up any room is with a double-sided satin ribbon. There are various exclusive ways to use this décor material. Extending from using the several textures for ribbon window treatments which is an unpretentious thus far classy choice. Ribbon crafts can be fashioned in an assortment of color combinations. And curtain panel can also effortlessly be embellished with ribbon along the edge, enhancing the look of your average shop-bought curtains.

  1. Ribbon Earrings

Earrings are an amazing accessory and can be made with different ribbon colors for matching any wardrobe. You can also pair your ribbon earrings with the right necklace to create an eye-catchy look that you will want to wear every day.

  1. Fridge Magnet

A rare craft is using a magnet made from ribbons. Fridge magnets are one of the simplest and inexpensive crafts that kids can love creating. You can make a bow taking a long length of ribbon and form a loop for the magnet at the back. The loop you have made should have an equal amount of space on either side so it will be able to fit around a portion of round metal strongly.

You should glue the metal to the ribbon loop and stitch any pieces of the ribbon bow together using small sews all along the ends. That way the magnet will not unknot when you put it on the refrigerator.

  1. Coasters

Coasters are one of the lovely present ideas on gift-giving occasions. They are also easy to make and help to create a beautiful gift and addition to any home. You can also create coasters with your interior color scheme in mind.

  1. Rosebud Fairy Lights

Creating a petite rosebud fairy light is a simple task. It will also look amazing in your wedding reception decor. You can simply use pastel or white flowers, which would be beautiful as well. Rosebud Fairy lights can be finished to go with any decoration.

To attribute to your lights, thread some thin flexible wire through the back of the rose ribbon so that they are combined tightly together.

These are some craft ideas that you can try to make. You can find a wholesale fabric and craft product supplier for purchasing tulle fabric, bulk satin ribbon, chair cover, deco mesh, table runner, and any others at affordable prices.