There is no material like tulle to add a dramatic and romantic vibe to your wedding table decorations. When used as a centerpiece with beautiful floral arrangements, it adds an ethereal vibe and a pop of color to your seating arrangements. 

From wedding centerpieces to table runners, and everything else in between, tulle fabric and DIY flowers will let you showcase an ideal theme, color palette, and creativity. Especially if you’re tight on a budget, don’t go for store-bought items when you can rather indulge in a fun activity and use tulle to add perfect finishing touches to your tablescape.

Whether you would like your wedding décor simple yet classy or completely extravagant with large centerpieces, we’ve got you covered. We have compiled a list of inspirations to add tulle and flowers to your big-day table decorations. So, let’s get started!

  1. Black Taper Candles

Is your wedding ceremony in a castle? Having a princess-themed wedding? Or maybe in the winter months? Add a unique character to the evening with taper candles decorated with tulle fabric. It creates a welcoming environment and your guests can’t stop talking about this sort of centerpiece.

  1. Lanterns

From wooden to vintage and intricate designs, lanterns turn out to be a popular choice for wedding décor. You can either choose to spice them up with flowers that spill onto the table. Using them in a moderate way creates a statement over the tables. You can take varying heights of lanterns and embellish them with tulle to enhance your table’s aesthetic appeal.

  1. Beautiful Flowering Branches

If you adore tall wedding table décor, then beautifully placed branches won’t cost a fortune. Flowering branches like cherry blossoms can be an ideal option. You can be more creative with them by hanging candle holders or accenting the vases with fresh blooms. 

  1. Garlands with Blooms

Have long tables? Want to make it more captivating? Stack a winding string of blooms and foliage which runs down the entire length of your table. Take a cluster of your favorite flowers and stack them in a mound to create a focal point on each table. If you’re someone who loves blooms to your table decorations, use tulle to create DIY garlands and everyone will definitely appreciate it.

  1. Table Runners

If you are into rustic or modern appeal, then tulle table runners could be your best bet. For a boho and extraordinary touch, top them off with jars holding flowers. Tulle is a versatile and subtle fabric that accommodates your wedding table décor needs without being overwhelming. 

  1. Chandelier Table Decorations

Although you have a fancy centerpiece in place, the chandelier brings a chic and sophisticated vibe. Decorate your chandelier with tulle fabric and it will take your wedding tablescape a notch higher. You can add some fairy lights, mood lighting, and flowers to add elegance to your fab day.

  1. Tulle Napkin Rings

You can wrap tulle around each napkin and create a flower-like shape to bring a visual appeal. You can also add some rhinestones and crystals to your DIY projects to bring exquisite shine to your table decorations.

Tulle is a lightweight, open-weave textured fabric that looks whimsical and romantic in all settings. If you’re looking for a way to add a creative color scheme to your wedding or reception tables, take inspiration from the above-listed craft ideas.

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