7 Birthday Decoration Ideas to Throw a Grand Party of the Season BBCrafts.com

Birthdays are a once-a-year special occasion, so everyone wants to make it unique and memorable for themselves with birthday decoration. Instead of spending a lot of money on birthday decoration, crafting is one of the best ideas to make your own birthday décor items. There are a lot of craft and décor items that you can easily make at your home.

For this, you will need to grab some basic craft supplies such as ribbons, fabrics, deco mesh, craft papers, and many others. With DIY birthday décor ideas, you can decorate your birthday venue with love and your own organizing skills. And if you want to surprise your loved one with your birthday room decoration ideas, don’t worry below are some of the best ideas that will become the reason for their smile on their birthdays.

1. DIY Tablecloth
You can choose the design, pattern, and length of the tablecloth that you want to make for covering all the sides of your cake table. It will be great to get your hands on some birthday party-like appliqués press on motifs and also take a fancy piece of some cloth of the measurement that covers your table fully. After that, place your own tablecloth with food and drinks and also avoid your table getting stubborn stains on it.

2. DIY Birthday Cake
Whether it’s a birthday cake, anniversary cake, or holiday cake, it is meant to be eaten and generally not seen as décor items. But you can also contribute it as a décor item. A birthday cake generally is known as a show-stopping because with or without your knowing it contributes to the décor of the party venue. So, you can make a cake at home by picking a delicious cake recipe online.

3. DIY Paper Lanterns
Every birthday boy/girl loves bright and beautiful things at their birthday party. So, making a paper lantern is one of the best ideas to add a bright ambience to your venue. For this, you should buy some vibrant and bright colors of the papers. By including your crafting skill, you can make a birthday décor item that will help you win big time the love of the guest of honor.

4. DIY Happy Birthday Banner
Although your invited guests know they are here for attending the birthday party of someone, a happy birthday banner is one of the most charming birthday décor pieces. You can easily make a DIY birthday banner by simply cut out the alphabet of happy birthday and also the name of the birthday boy/girl in some stylish fonts. After that, paste all alphabets on a bright background and hang it with the help of a string or thin rope/thread for holding the banner together.

5. DIY Tassel Streamer
Tassel streamer is also one of the best décor items that you can use for enhancing your party venue. You can make a tassel with paper or cloth cutouts. Then hang it freely in a rope suspending it. It will become an awesome décor that you can hang around your dresser or wardrobe.

6. DIY Confetti
You will not need to spend money on party poppers because they can easily be made at home. For making this, you will need big colorful and probably happy birthday written balloons. After grabbing balloons, fill them with some colorful bits and pieces of glazy or bright colored paper. When the birthday person cut the cake, ensure to prick the balloon with something pointy and make yourself ready to feel the confetti-like magic.

7. DIY Vase Replacement
You can also make a beautiful vase for enhancing the look of your table. Grab some old glass bottles, mason jars, and mugs and mugs and paint them for displaying the same at your venue. After ending the party, replace your freshly painted vases with old ones.

These are some DIY birthday décor ideas that you can incorporate for the next birthday party in your family. You can find one of the best wedding and craft products suppliers for buying ribbons, fabrics, chair covers, tablecloths, and many other décor and craft products.