Ribbon bows appear awesome on hair clips, DIY gift bags, clothing, and different types of fun homemade presents. They are thus fun and easy to crate you will wonder why you didn't acquire how to create them years ago.

There are so many different types of bows that you can make using ribbons. And you can also make your craft more cost-effective by buying the whole craft supplies including satin ribbon, grosgrain ribbon, tulle fabric, organza fabric, chair cover, tablecloth, and many others from a wholesale fabric supplier. Below, I’m going to share step-by-step tutorials for making a sailor bow with a grosgrain ribbon.

Materials You Will Need:

  • 50mm grosgrain ribbon about 40 cm long: 1 x 21 cm for the longbow and 1 x 18cm for the tail
  • About 5cm of 9mm grosgrain ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread
  • A lighter to closure your cut ribbon edges (when closing ribbon with a lighter the flare does not really touch the ribbon, just adjacent adequate to melt your edge)
  • Hot glue gun


Step 1:

Choose the color of your choice for making a sailor bow. After that, cut your ribbon to the extent and seal the trimmings of your bow.

Step 2:

Now, yield your bow 21 cm in length and crease in a half-press seam with extremities to smear the ribbon.

Step 3:

After that, you should fold your closed ends so they overlay the marked midpoint of your bow.

Step 4:

Now with your threaded spine sew a wide stitch pitch to the center of your bow.

This will make knolls and valleys in your bow.  Then wrench your needle all the way over and shawl around the bow and tie off your strand to hold the yarn in place.

Step 5:

In this step, revenue your tail 18cm length of ribbon and crinkle over the trimmings of your ribbon at a 45-degree approach and cut of the fold portion. Later you cut off your angle seal the edge of your ribbon using a lighter.

Step 6:

Repeat with the additional end of your ribbon and then fold your ribbon in partial and crinkle the creased edge.

Step 7:

With the help of your negotiated needle thread an extensive stitch over as you did with the bow.

Step 8:

Tie off your strand but don’t cut your yarn yet. Now place your end up in contradiction of your bow with the short adjacent of your ribbon contrary to the bow.

Step 9:

Sew the two together. With your 9mm grosgrain ribbon places a little hot glue on the center back of your bow and gum one end of your 9mm grosgrain ribbon dejected.  Now cloak your ribbon about the bow and adhesive the end down and cut off your additional ribbon.

You now have a sailor bow. You can find reliable wedding and craft product suppliers for buying wholesale grosgrain ribbon, organza ribbon, tulle fabric, deco mesh, chair cover, tablecloth, and many others at reasonable prices.