Getting Creative with the use of Ribbons for Frame Craft and Decoration

For every child, the initial years of learning are extremely important as during this period their brain gets developed in a better way. Moreover, art and craftwork play a major role in making the process even stronger. This is the reason for which most of the parents encourage their kids to spend the maximum of their time doing the art and crafts work. These small daily life activities actually help the children in getting more creative.


When it comes to getting creative, kids try to do their best and love it when they get encouraged. So, why not make them create something that you can use as a piece of home decoration? And the best idea for this craftwork is none other than making them create cute photo frames using ribbons and other craft material. You will also be able to hand these frames inside the house and this gesture will work as a great confidence booster for the children.


The best part about this craftwork is that it will consume very little time and will be very interesting for the kids. Well if you are wondering about how your children will be able to do that as they are beginners, then let me tell you that for this craftwork there is no need for you to be an expert in doing craftwork. It is just a fun-filled creative activity Anchorage mint of the kids.


To create this pretty looking photo frame you just need a few things like: 

  •  Black card
  •  Some colorful ribbons
  •  Photo frame
  •  Glue stick
  •  Glue gun and any decorative that you want to add to that.


How to make it?

  • Start with removing the glass and board on the back of the frame.
  • Keep the frame board on the black card and cut out a similar shape.
  • Now using the glue stick, stick the black card to that board and fitted back to the frame.
  • Pick any color of Ribbon you like and cut it into half.
  • Now take this ribbon from the corners to the top edge of the frame and allow it to dry. 
  • Stick a contrast Ribbon on the front side of the frame as well and add a few stones or accessories on that if you want.
  • Let these accessories dry properly 
  • Now add a picture in the frame and put back the glass.
  • Your frame is now ready to be hanged as a decorative piece of art.