Ribbon embroidery is self-explanatory embroidery that is basically stitching with ribbon. This type of embroidery is more than that when used to create stunning dimensional pieces. Flowers are one of the most common designs to work with ribbon embroidery because this craft material allows you to stitch like floral.

One of the most important things that stand out about ribbon embroidery is the texture that it creates. It is ideal to find one of the best fabric suppliers for buying the best quality of ribbon, fabrics, tulle, specialty ribbons, grosgrain ribbon, and many others. For creating full and exquisite displays of this type of embroidery take some practice, but it is also possible to start very simple and just have fun with it.

How to Make a Beautiful Bouquet of Silk Flowers Using Ribbon Embroidery

Ribbons and Supplies for Embroidery

It is great to work embroidery with silk ribbons designed especially for this type of work. You can also use synthetic fabric but it can be more difficult. Silk is easily pass through the fabric because it is very thin. It is also washable. You can buy wholesale ribbons for embroidery at an online shop. It comes with a wide range of colors, patterns, textures, and sizes that make it ideal for embroidery.

  • Needle

For this craft, it is important to have a sharp point needle that works easily with your fabric.

  • Fabric

You can choose any fabric that will work for this embroidery.

Threading a Needle with Ribbon

For silk ribbon embroidery, the threading needle is a little different than other types of embroidery. And for avoiding wear on the ribbon, first, you need to work with short pieces of ribbon. Thread one end of the ribbon through the eye of the needle and after that pierce the end of the ribbon with the needle.

Threading a Needle with Ribbon

  • Starting and Stopping

The back of this type of embroidery can get bulky from the stitching itself, so it is great to start with a knot. After a few stitches in place, you need to use a single strand of embroidery floss that matches with your ribbon and tack the tail to the back of a stitch.

In the end, you can finish with a knot and slide the extra ribbon under a stitch.

Basic Stitches Work With Embroidery

Ribbons stitch is one of the most common stitches in embroidery that helps from different flowers. Earlier, if you have done any type of surface embroidery then you know well most of the other stitches that show up in silk embroidery. And you can see how the same stitch will look so different when worked in different sizes of ribbon.

Basic Stitches Work With Embroidery

Start Stitching

To start stitching, pick up some ribbon and needle. Your practice work will amaze you as you from outstanding designs with few simple stitches.

If you are ready for creating your first silk ribbon embroidery then start with the above-mentioned information will help you make a beautiful bouquet of silk flowers. You can find one of the best craft suppliers for purchasing deco mesh, silk ribbons, fabrics, specialty ribbons, and many others.

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