Is It Safe To Wear A Face Mask When Running Outdoors?

The global outbreak of covid-19 has made people more conscious about their health. Every people understand the importance and need of wearing a face mask outside the home. Due to this covid-19 outbreak face masks have become a new normal. People around the world are taking precautionary steps like wearing a face mask along with social distancing and proper handwashing is mandatory. 

Wearing a mask outside the home helps limit the spread of the infectious virus (SARS-COV-2). But is it advisable and safe to wear a face mask when running outdoors? Many people have doubt can they go outside for running or jogging with a face mask on? Wearing of a face mask has been made mandatory in public settings by the government of every country. So, if you’re going outside for running or exercise, make sure that you have worn your face mask. You can shop for a face mask on sale online to get the best deals. It is also important to keep distance from others during a run because you breathe heavily as you work out and release respiratory droplets in the air that may risk the others. Wearing a face mask protects you and others from the virus-containing respiratory droplet spread. 

Should we wear face masks while running outside?

We know that social distancing is the next effective precautionary measure after wearing a face mask. Wear a face mask when you’re running in a crowded park or area where practicing social distancing is difficult. But if you’re running in a less crowded area or alone, then you can avoid wearing a face mask. 

See, we know that masks act as a barrier and curb the spread of coronavirus. If you’re not around other people, there’s no need to wear a face mask. If you’re not wearing a mask while running outdoors then make sure to maintain six feet distance from the people around you or crossing your paths. 

How wearing face mask while running will affect my body?

Running or jogging with a face mask or face coverings is going to slow down the flow of air into your lungs that makes you feel tired and a little harder to breathe. It won’t reduce your oxygen level or retain carbon dioxide, but it will probably impact your pace of performance, which means you will feel little harder to breathe if you’re running with a face mask. 

Concerned about your health is vital and for this, you should monitor yourself how you feel when running with a face mask. If you’re having any unusual symptoms or experiencing chest pain, dizziness, or difficulty in breathing, look out for a safe place to distance yourself from others, remove your mask, sit down and take deep breathing until you feel better. 

What type of mask you should wear when running?

Find a mask that is lighter in weight, breathable and sweat-wicking. You can buy a mask made from polyester and a lightweight blend of spandex. There are many running-specific face masks and face coverings available in the market. Most running specific face masks come with elastic ear loops that go around your ears or head. Make sure that the mask you’re wearing while running fits perfectly on your nose and cover your chin, mouth & nose so that it will reduce exposure to the coronavirus. 

Don’t use a sweaty and wet mask as it will be less breathable, more uncomfortable, and less effective in filtering. Never use a dirty and contaminated mask. Keeping your face mask clean is very important to maintain hygiene and reduce the risk of being exposed to the coronavirus. Never forget to wash your hand properly before and after wearing a face mask. Don’t touch your face and mask with unwashed hands. Try to use a disposable mask. You can buy mask online from a reliable supplier at great prices. 

What tips you must keep in your mind if you’re wearing a face mask when running?

  • If you’re an elderly person or suffering from any health conditions like asthma, diabetics, or heart disease, then it is strongly recommended not to wear a mask while running, jogging or doing any physical activities.
  • During exercise or running, if you feel tired, weak and difficulty in breathing, then stop immediately, sit down and take a break.

It is better to do less intensity exercise such as walking or jogging so you won’t feel a hard time catching your breathe. It is advisable to maintain healthy regime at home instead of going outdoors. Try to run early in the morning to avoid crowds or you can also avoid going to busy parks/ routes. Choose the route where fewer people come and there is more open space. You can use a 3-ply disposable face mask while running outdoors. Find a reliable mask supplier to buy face mask for sale online in bulk at great prices.