How to Make Ribbon Bow

A ribbon bow makes a great decorative piece on gifts, curtains and even on the hair. Ribbons truly look appealing and attractive; however, they might appear quite intricate to do. If you are hoping to learn how to make ribbon bows, then you should read this very informative article. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to make several types of ribbon.

Floral Bow

A floral bow is perfect as an embellishment for a gift, thus making the wrapped present even more adorable. It is easy to make this kind of bow. Just follow the steps below to make a dainty-looking floral bow.

1. Pinch the ribbon at the center and make one loop, while leaving the tail at your desired length.

2. Make more loops that increase in size as they go farther from the center. Continue making several loops until the bow begins to appear full and when there is not enough ribbon left to make one of the other tail.

3. Pin or twist a thin wire at the center of the bow to secure it tightly. Do not use a thick wire, as this will make your ribbon appear tacky. You may consider using a bow tying wire, which is 26 gauge.

4. Fan out the loops to make the ribbon look full and bouncy.

5. Cut the tails in points to finish off the bow.

Layered Bows

This type of bow is a combination of two or three ribbons, thus giving the bow a full look. It is simple to make this type of bow. Check out the instructions below for some tips.

1. Make a floral bow when layering one or two bows. If you intend to make several layers of bows, make sure that each bow is a bit smaller than the last.

2. Come up with a wreath bow, which is smaller than the smallest loopy bow.

3. Place the smaller bow on top of the bigger bow. Fasten the two bows with a bow tying wire. Fan out the loops to arrange the bow.

Basic Bow

A basic bow makes a perfect decorative piece on your gift. If you need tips on how to make this type of bow, read along to find out more.

1. Use three yards of ribbon for this bow. Take 7 inches to use for the first tail. Then, squeeze the ribbon together and hold it with your thumb and forefinger.

2. Make a loop on one side, with the right side of the ribbon facing outwards. Use 6 inches of the ribbon and pinch it together, while holding it with your thumb and forefinger.

3. Make a full twist of the ribbon, hence allowing the right side to face outwards. Then, make a loop to the other side of the ribbon.

4. Secure the loops with a thin wire or a bow tying wire.

There you have it, simple steps of how to make a ribbon. Just experiment with the ribbon bow and make an truly attractive one in minutes.

How to Make Hair Bow?

A hair bow is certainly in fashion, because of the influence of the posh teens in Gossip Girl. Moreover, several celebrities are spotted wearing a hair bow; this beautiful hair accessory adds life to an ordinary look. If you wish to make your own hair bow, you should check out these useful tips on how to make one. This article features several types of hair bow that you might want to put on your hair for a glamorous appeal.

There are several types of hair bows, depending on the size and shape of the ribbon. Here is a guide on how to make a pinwheel bow and a butterfly hair bow.

Pinwheel Bow

A pinwheel bow comes in different sizes. Read along to find out how to make a small size bow with a pinwheel design.

For this project, you will need the following:

  • An 18-inch long ribbon with a width of 7/8 inch
  • Lighter or any heat source
  • Large clip for gripping the ribbon
  • Thread and needle
  • Glue gun
  • French clip or barrette

1. On a flat surface, lay the ribbon in a vertical position. Make one loop by folding one end of the ribbon down. For a small ribbon, the fold down mark is 4 inches.

2. Leave a long tail after folding one end. Have the tail at about .5 inch.

3. Fold down the tail, while lining up the top of the loops.

4. Fold the tail up, coming from the bottom portion and tuck it behind.

5. Hold the bow in place by using a large clip.

6. Use the thread and needle to sew a basting stitch, up through the center.

7. Tie the three at the back, to secure the ribbon in place.

8. Trim the tail ends and cut them in a triangular shape. Heat the ends to prevent the string from running.

9. Make one knot at the center. Then, glue the knot to keep it in place. Afterwards, attach the clip or the barrette by using the glue gun.

Butterfly Bow

Any girl would look dainty with this nice butterfly bow on the hair. Here is how you can make a delightful butterfly bow.

To make a small butterfly bow, you will need the following materials:

  • A 19-inch ribbon that is 7/8 inch in width
  • Lighter or any heat source
  • Gripper clip
  • Thread and needle
  • Glue gun
  • French clip

1. Fold your ribbon in half. Make a crease at the half-way mark.

2. Lay the ribbon on a flat surface, in a vertical position.

3. Take the top part of the ribbon. Fold it down, making a large loop over the half-way crease mark.

4. Make a loop with the bottom part, reaching up to the crease mark. You now have a ribbon with a figure 8.

5. Fold down the middle point of the top loop. Bring it downwards at the middle portion, thus appearing like a heart shape.

How to Make Chair Bow

A chair bow looks perfect in formal events such as weddings, debut parties and cocktail parties. The ribbon at the back of the chair produces a lovely embellishment on a dull chair. Hence, any chair will look very attractive because of these bows. You can choose several fabrics and colors for the bow, which will complement the motif of the event.

If you plan to decorate your own party, you can try making the chair bow presented in this article. You will definitely save on some cash by decorating the place by yourself. Moreover, you can customize the decorations according to what you think is ideal for your kind of look for the event.

In choosing the color for the ribbon, you might consider the following:

  • Monotone scheme, or the use of similar color but a varying shade
  • Harmonious scheme, or the use of a color that is near to your main color (refer to a color wheel)
  • Complementary scheme, or the use of opposite colors in the color wheel

You have to understand that color is everything when it comes to decorating. Hence, you should make sure that the colors do not clash; you would not want to ruin your party because of a bad taste in color.

Next, decide on the material that you will use. The most common types are organza, satin and cotton. You should choose the material depending on the nature of the event. For a formal event, satin is always the safest choice. You will love the elegant softness and texture of this material.

There are two ways to make chair bows, which are simple yet sophisticated in nature. You may do one of the following:

Simple Sash

This is the easiest and the simplest way to decorate the back of the chair. Simply tie the fabric with one knot, just like how you begin when tying your shoes. You can add a nice embellishment for this sash by attaching a bunch of fresh flowers, pinecones and cinnamon sticks at the center knot. Choose the decorative item based on the motif of the event.

Classic or Basic Bow

Another simple bow for the chair is the basic bow. Simply tie the fabric and the back of the chair and make one bow, just like how you tie up your shoes. Make sure that both sides are even in size, and fix the loops. You can also add several embellishments at the center knot such as the suggestions for the Simple Sash chair bow.

Any formal or casual event will look perfect with the right decoration. If you wish to jazz up the party chairs, you can add chair bows. These look great, as long as you choose the material and the colors carefully. Moreover, you can save up on money by decorating the chairs by yourself, instead of hiring a designer. You can even customize the decorations for your party, hence giving it a personal touch. Impress your guests and try these chair bows on your upcoming event.