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Light Blue - Premium Glimmer Tulle Fabric ( 54 Inch | 40 Yards )
Light Blue - Premium Glimmer Tulle Fabric ( 54 Inch | 40 Yards )
Sale price$18.00 Regular price$35.00
Light Blue - Premium Glimmer Tulle Fabric ( 6 Inch | 25 Yards )
Light Blue - Premium Glimmer Tulle Fabric ( 6 Inch | 25 Yards )
Sale price$4.00 Regular price$5.00

Wholesale Glimmer Tulle Fabric Bolt/Roll – Glimmer Tulle Fabric for Sale

Glimmer tulle features a beautiful iridescence and is very soft to the touch. Due to its sheer and lightweight material, you can use it for making pew bows, tying gift packages, and creating wedding favors.

At BBCrafts, you can find premium glimmer tulle fabric bolts and rolls in 6 inches 25 yards and 54 inches 40 yards sizes. We supply wholesale tulle fabric bolts/rolls in multiple colors like fuchsia, light blue, sparkling turquoise, and more to achieve a pleasing effect on all occasions.

You can use glimmer tulle fabric to decorate curtains and drapes with elegant forms and patterns. Our range of fabric goes beyond your expectations to add an extra layer of glam and beauty to your craft projects.

Buy glimmer tulle fabric online – 6×25 Yards & 54×40 Yards!

Premium Glimmer Tulle Bolt/Roll by Yards for Decorations
If you love a little shimmer and shine in your decorations, glimmer tulle fabric is a perfect choice. With 6×25 yards and 54×40 yards glimmer tulle bolt/roll, you can make bridal veils, dresses, bows, floral adornment, fancy hairstyles and accessories, curtains, drapes, home décor, tutus, wedding gowns, gift packaging, and other craft projects.

Here, you can buy premium tulle fabric made with pure nylon tulle, sold and priced by bolt or roll. With beautiful shimmer and a large variety of colors, you can bring a sparkling and luxurious element to your crafts and decorations. And the best part is you can get these tulle fabrics at discounted rates in bolts and rolls, with fast shipping within 24-48 business hours.

Shop Glimmer Tulle Fabric Bolts & Rolls Online
Get your hands on glimmer tulle fabric supplied by yards in bolts and rolls, giving you a perfect chance to craft wired ribbons, wedding tablecloths, Christmas wreath frames, floral mesh décor, and more at a cheap bulk price online. Whether you want to buy glimmer tulle fabric in bulk or individually, we welcome all order requirements and ensure each item deliver safely to your doorstep.

So, whether it’s a wedding ceremony, reception, anniversary, baby shower, Christmas, New Year, corporate soiree, Thanksgiving, or whatever else, you can always trust BBCrafts for high-quality craft supplies.

Order glimmer tulle fabric bolts online – get amazing deals and offers online!

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