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If you love polka dots all over crafts and décor, our satin polka dot ribbon range has got you covered. With a variety of sizes and wonderful colors, you can give any decoration or craft project a playful and beautiful look.

BBCrafts brings to you a pre-cut soft and durable satin ribbon adorned with attractive polka dots, perfect for decorating cards, dressmaking, scrapbooks, gift wrapping, and craft projects. It can be used for gift wrapping, centerpieces, embellishing your table covers, decorating cake boxes, hair accessories, and other DIY projects – the possibilities are endless.

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Our satin polka dot ribbon wired are made with 100% polyester and available in multiple colors, including hot pink with white, purple with white, lime green with white, red with black, orange with white, and many more. Our big and bold polka dots in 1-1/2 inch, 2-1/2 inch x 10 yards can make a statement and add flair to any special event.

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