10 Awesome and Creative DIY Crafts You Can Make Using Lace Ribbons BBCrafts.com

Many people think lace is widely used in clothes. While those lace clothes are expensive and it is not difficult for adding some lace elements to your clothes manually. There are also a lot of DIY projects that you can make using Lace.

You are also able to turn some old kinds of stuff into new ones using lace. If you want to use lace for your DIY crafts without spending a lot of money, then it is ideal to find a wholesale fabric supplier for buying tulle, organza fabrics, satin ribbons, chair covers, tablecloths, and many others at discounted prices. Below, I’m going to share some fabulous and creative DIY lace projects that you can make yourself.

Beautiful DIY Crafts You Can Make with Lace

  1. Dress Up a Scarf with Lace Trim

You can easily pin the lace trim to the edge of your scarf with the help of a sewing machine. Well, it is also braced to cover your scarf with more lace fabric.

  1. DIY Layered Lace Shorts

You can also prepare a pair of shorts using lace trim. For this, you can use a sewing pin or the sewing machine to DIY the lace shorts. You should keep patient to sew each layer in place, as well as you can decorate it with a sash.

  1. Lace Wedding Dress or Shoes

Lace also plays an important role in the wedding. So, you can use lace ribbon for your wedding dress, as well as wedding shoes. Though this DIY project will take a longer time and also require higher technical support than other lace projects.           

  1. Boho Boots Attached by Lace

If anyone is tired of their old boots, then they can add pretty lace, chain, feather, and some decorations manually. Well, use glue for attaching lace and other décor items to your boots. Always remember, do not use too much glue, as well as allow them to dry for at least 40 hours.

  1. Lace-Backed Hoodie

You can also decorate your hoodie with lace. Start by cutting shape on the back of your hoodie. You can also use a plate or something round for tracing the shape. After that, cut the same shape 1 or 2 inches larger on your lace fabric and then sew lace for making excellent crafts.

  1. Add a Little Lace to Toys or Pillows

By adding lace, you can make your common pillow or toy cute. For starting with, cut the shape of lace carefully and put it over your pillow or toy. After that sew all the way around the fabric with your needle and thread.

  1. Cover Mason Jars or Bottles with Lace

Generally, you can use jars of any kind for making lace projects. First, measure the circumstance of each jar and then cut the lace with a half-inch allowance. Sew lace carefully to sleeves to add a touch to your mason jar freely.

  1. Lace Crown

You can make a beautiful princess crown using lace. You can use golden, silver, or other lace pieces into wax paper or washable mat and let them dry completely. You can also paint them in various colors as you like.

  1. Warp Up Flower Pots with Lace

Make your flower pots romantic by wrapping them up in lace trim. For this, brush glue all over your pot and then use scissors for cutting lace and adhere it over your spots. And dry your new pots completely before using them.

  1. Lace Doily Table Runner

Collect all your doilies including large ones and then overlap the edges of the big and small ones in place. Ensure the small lace doilies are not always on the top. At last, sew them with the help of a needle and thread carefully.

These are some gorgeous DIY lace crafts that you can make yourself in minutes. You can find one of the best wedding and craft product suppliers for buying ribbon, lace fabric, deco mesh, chair cover, table runner, and many other items.