Ribbon Related Questions

  • What is the difference between single face satin ribbon and double face satin ribbon?

Single face satin means one side of the ribbon is shiny while the other side is dull; double face satin means both sides are shiny.

  • Is the quality of your sheer ribbon good?

Absolutely. Our premium quality sheer ribbon has shimmering appearance, rich in color feel and superior packaging compared to many other vendors online. Each spool has a unique barcode for inventory control purpose. Many corporations have used our ribbon for its superior quality. Our sheer ribbon's quality is better than Offray's Asiana Sheer Ribbon. Most of the sheer ribbons are manufactured in Taiwan.

  • Do you sell ribbons by yard?

No, we do not. All ribbons are sold per spool. Spool ranges between 10 yards to 300 yards depending on the type of ribbons.

  • I’m unrolling my tulle/ribbon/fabric and it’s been cut, or taped together. Is this defective?

No, it is not defective. The Department of Commerce allows three cuts per 100 Yards. It is difficult and expensive for manufacturers to make ribbons that are one continuous spool. There will be spools/bolts that will have this. It is acceptable standard and is perfectly normal. This goes for fabrics as well.

Unfortunately since our merchandise is manufactured overseas it's hard and very expensive to monitor batches since products are already prepackaged in bolts so at times our manufacturing may encounter discrepancies such as shortages or minor flaws which are considered normal amongst CA consumer laws & and is the reason for the low pricing. I do understand the importance of the quality expected so we will address the issue to our manufacturer to improve quality. In order for our company to process a defect claim please provide an estimate total yardage affected and detailed photographs displaying damages.

  • Is the price for each yard?

No, we do not sell anything by yards; the prices you see will be for the whole spool/bolt.

  • Why does spool/bolt says that it comes with x amount of yards but I’m short.

The measurements are measured by Machines. Sometimes it will be a bit off, but that is normal as well. For example, your 50 yard spool/bolt can come with 46-55 yards. This goes for fabrics as well.


Tulle Related Questions

  • What is the difference between Nylon and Organza

Nylon tulles are small diamond netting tulle while organza is just fabric with unfinished edge.

  • Is your tulles flame retardant?

No, it is not. If you put flame on it, the tulle will melt. It will not burst into flames.

  • Did you tulles pass the lead testing required by the government?

Yes, our tulles have passed the lead testing requirement. BBCrafts is pleased to announce that our tulle have met Conformity pursuant to the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008! All of our tulles do not exceed 100 PPM in lead during manufacturing process. Certificate is available upon request.

  • Do you have Tiffany Blue Color Tulles?

Yes, we do. Because tiffany blue is a copyrighted term, we named our tulles aqua blue.

  • Do you sell anything by yard?

No, we sell all of our tulles and fabric by bolt or spool only.