10 DIY Tulle Fabric Items that are Easy to Make and Can be Sold from Home BBCrafts.com

Tulle is a type of net fabric that is lightweight, fine and looks quite elegant on all crafts and décor. You can use it for dresses, making tutus for flower girls, wreaths, and event decorations.

DIY tulle fabric is becoming a popular medium to craft handmade projects and sell to a large number of customers while staying at home. The fabric can be used in endless ways to craft, sew, and décor. It can be incorporated into a nursery, wedding dresses, home, and kids’ bedroom décor ideas.

Tulle fabric brings diverse possibilities to showcase your innovation and sell DIY products from home. In this post, we will present the most inspiring DIY tulle fabric items that everyone will adore.

  1. DIY Tulle Flowers and Pom Poms

Nothing is more adorable and charming than DIY tulle flowers and pom poms. It can be an excellent add-on to various décor and craft projects. Cute pom poms can be used as an accessory, garland, and even fancy bows. 

  1. Tulle Bows

Planning to throw a party on a budget? Confused about how to decorate your venue seating arrangements? Tulle bows never fail to grab the attention. It is simple to make, just take a vibrant tulle fabric, sew, and gather thread to create ruffles and frills. Then, fold and wrap the tulle at the center with a beaded lace piece and you’re done.

  1. Tulle Dresses for Girls

You might have seen how gorgeous a girl looks in glamorous tutus, princess dresses, ballerina skirts, and bridal gowns. Sew a pom pom trim, glitter trim, or embroidered ribbon to make a tutu. Girls or babies adore a DIY tulle fabric tutu and headband, no matter what the occasion.

  1. Tulle Pillows

A subtle layer of tulle on a regular pillow can add charm to your bedroom or couch. You can use tulle fabric in any color of your choice to make beautiful DIY circular pillows. Simply, sew tulle in a circular motion to make rosette pillows and it will surely create a welcoming environment.

  1. Tulle Wreaths

If anyone needs an extraordinary wreath for Christmas or the holiday season, DIY tulle wreaths can never disappoint. You can create a personalized wreath with some tulle, thick circular wire, stones, and artificial flowers. Arrange everything on the wire, fold the tulle, and secure it well with glue.

  1. Tulle Princess Bags

Transform basic bags into something exquisite with tulle fabric. Make DIY princess bags by wrapping colorful tulle around them and adding a charm with some decorative accents. With the right exterior clothing and proper layering of tulle, you can create fancy bags for picnics or playdates.

  1. Tulle Tablecloth

Create a serene space for relaxing outdoors using tulle netting over a hammock or dining table. You can create a DIY tulle canopy or a tablecloth for princess-theme parties for little girls or baby showers. All you need is yards of tulle and decorative centerpieces for the tabletop.

  1. Tulle Accessories

Easy and cute DIY tulle accessories don’t require any sewing expertise. You can make adorable hair clips, bows, fairy wings, and other fashion accessories using tulle and sequin. If anyone has a kid’s fancy dress competition or becomes a princess for Halloween, you can make accessories to sell at home with some tulle, wire, and creativity.

  1. DIY Tulle Party Décor

Be it a small gathering or a grand celebration, you can use tulle fabric in many ways to decorate a venue for a special event. Cover balloons with tulle to make them look more elegant. You can use it to decorate a cake, wall hanging, party backdrop, and costumes. 

  1. Tulle Lamp

Cut a strip of tulle, stitch it in the middle, and gather it to make tulle ruffles on the top and bottom edges of the lamp shade. It can turn simple lighting into a beautiful decorative piece for bedrooms or living rooms. 

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed these amazing DIY tulle fabric ideas that are handmade on a budget. This fabric is versatile and can be used to create anything in your mind, all you need is some imagination and affordable tulle supplies.

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