10 Easy and Joyful Rainbow Craft Ideas for Kids of All Ages BBCrafts.com

Rainbows are just one of those images that make everyone happy. The best thing about creating DIY rainbow projects is all the different ways you can use them. From a rainbow cake topper to easy rainbow crafts for kids, there are several rainbow projects for all ages. You could not believe how many outstanding rainbows projects that you can make.

If you are considering doing some unique projects you will need to stock some DIY and craft supplies. For this, it is ideal to find a leading craft product supplier for buying wholesale grosgrain ribbon, satin ribbon, tulle fabric, organza fabric, chair cover, tablecloth, and many others. Below, I’m going to share some cheerful rainbow craft ideas to add joy to your home.

  1. Simple Construction Paper Rainbow Craft

Awesome looking and easy to make, this DIY project is suitable for all age groups. Older children can make this one all by themselves, though for younger kids, preparation work will be needed. With a paper trimmer, you can have all the chunks required for this one made in no time at all, even if you require a whole bunch of this for a classroom of art and craft students. This project is also great for learning the order of the rainbow colors too.

  1. 3D Rainbow Arch Idea

This one is awesome, an arched 3D construction paper rainbow that nearly looks like a real one. The cotton balls clouds complement the magic and make this rainbow craft idea well-intentioned a try.

  1. Easy Art Idea

It is great to paint with cotton balls. It is the insanely fun and excessive DIY craft for fine motor skills that make this art project appropriate for toddlers and preschoolers.

  1. Craft Sticks and Cotton Balls Rainbow Craft

Craft sticks are one of the must-have crafting materials when it comes to crafting with kids. They are also great for all ages; young kids will make a simple project like this colorful one though older kids will be able to use them for all types of structures. Start by painting the stick in the colors of the rainbow and arrange them in order.

  1. Getting Crafty with Tissue Paper

Though getting all the colors of the rainbow might be a bit of a challenge you can constantly do a bit of invention, as long as the children are taking fun crafting this project. As this project takes a bit of patience as children make the tissue paper balls it’s a pleasing fine motor exercise. 

  1. Paper Plate Rainbow Craft

There are several ways to use paper plates for making a rainbow. For making this craft, you can use a variety of different materials including scrap paper, pom poms, fabric, colorful buttons, and many others.

  1. Handprint Rainbow Art

Handprint crafts are fun and also can be an outstanding activity to do with your kid on a rainy day. This DIY project is great for celebrating spring.

  1. Playdough Fun

This is a DIY activity that will keep your children diverted for hours. Start by making a batch of rainbow-colored play dough and let them come to be super imaginative with it.

  1. Spring Tulle Rainbow Wreath

You can use rainbow tulle for creating this DIY wreath. If you want to make a fuller bottom, it is great to pick up another roll of white tulle as well as add more white pom poms for the cloud.

  1. Another Set of Puffy Clouds

This is another DIY project that’s perfect for learning all about the colors of the rainbow. A bunch of these or one huge would also look great displayed on your spring bulletin board.

These are some pleasing rainbow craft ideas that you can make with your kids. You can find a wholesale craft and décor product supplier for buying fabric, craft ribbon, chair cover, tablecloth, deco mesh, and many others at discounted prices.