10 Outstanding Ways to Use Ribbon to Bring Elegance to Your Wedding Decorations BBCrafts.com

Ribbons are one of the most cost-effective wedding décor materials that are suitable for any type of wedding. There are a lot of ways to use ribbons in your wedding decoration, from wedding invitation to chair, to table décor. You can incorporate this deco material anywhere at your event to enhance the look of your venue drastically.

One of the best things about this décor material is that it comes in a wide range of colors, patterns, textures, and sizes. So, you can easily choose one that suits your event theme, scheme, and style. Below, I’m going to share some awesome ways to use ribbons at your wedding.

1. Wedding Invitations
Add a soft touch to your wedding invitation by adding narrow satin of chiffon ribbons. Finish each invitation in your chosen wedding theme by making a bow, buckles, or butterflies. To complete the look of your wedding invitation, co-ordinate your wedding stationery using the same ribbons and trims to make your place cards, menus, and thank you cards.

2. Wedding Favors
Wedding favors are generally the bride and groom’s way of thanking their invited guests for coming. This is also an opportunity to wish for happiness, good health, and long life. Add some sugared almonds, chocolates, or sweets to a box or organza favor bag. After filling the box, use satin, personalized, or plan ribbons for decorating them and finish with trim for matching your invitation.

3. Wedding Venues
You can use a wide ribbon for decorating your marquee and also for round Moroccan. Tie a long length of ribbon to a central point for stunning ceiling decoration. And use some colors of wide ribbon as wedding chair sashes to match your wedding décor.

4. Wedding Cars
A wedding car is just a simple car without decoration. You can tie a retro-style ‘just married’ ribbon across the bonnet. You can also ask your driver to add a smart stain sash for matching your overall wedding color scheme.

5. Wedding Hair
When it comes to bridesmaid’s hair and flower girl’s hair, decorating with ribbons looks gorgeous. You can use one ribbon tied into a bow on top of the head or ribbon to tie bunches or plaits with a small flower for finishing.

6. Wedding Dresses
You can use wide satin ribbons as sashes for your bridesmaid’s dresses, either to match your wedding color scheme or the ribbons in their hair. There are many individuals that dress their flower girls in ivory, but using ribbons is a simple and attractive way to co-ordinate their outfits with the bridesmaid.

7. Wedding Gift Wrap
It will be great to make a pretty presentation of your thank you gifts to your bridal party during the reception. You can tie this with ribbons and bows for matching your venue in your décor color. You can also tie a large satin ribbon around the presentation bouquets and use a personalized ribbon to say thank you.

8. Wedding Cakes
You can also use a ribbon in your event color for decorating your wedding cake or cake stand or even the table on which it is displayed. If you are making your own cake or cupcake, then decorate each one with pretty ribbons.

9. Wedding Wishes
An extraordinary option to the guest book, a wishing tree is usually a twig tree with a lot of branches and twigs onto which you invite your guest for writing a wish on a label or card and hang using ribbons.

10. House Decoration
One of the most spectacular uses for ribbon is to tie a giant bow around and the house of the happy couple for their return to make their newlywed home feel.

These are some creative ways to use ribbons in your wedding decoration. You can find one of the best wholesale wedding product suppliers for buying ribbons, fabrics, chair covers, tablecloths, sashes, bows, flower petals, and many others in a wide range of color, pattern, and texture.