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Setting the table for a gathering is one of the best parts of hosting an event. A table runner is one of the easiest ways to make any table setting unique. It also comes in a wide range of fabrics, patterns, and colors that help to make an ordinary table look more beautiful. 

While with so many runner options out there, the idea of making a kind of ensemble seems like something from science friction. It is ideal to find a reliable wedding and craft product supplier for buying ribbons, fabrics, mesh wrap, tablecloths, chair covers, favor bags, and many others. Below, I’m going to share some simple DIY table runner ideas that will help you add a personalized touch to your setup without knocking yourself out.

3 Amazing DIY Table Runner Ideas to Add a Personal Touch to Your Setting

1.Starry Runner

There’s nothing more delightful than the starry sky. To excite your inner star watcher, you don’t have to shoot for the stars. With this runner, stars will be nearer than you might visualize. This wonderful project needs an assemblage template on a piece of transmission paper, embroidery thread, white beads, a piece of black, navy blue, or eggplant of polyester fabric, an embroidery hoop, and a needle. Using the template, draw the needed patterns on the piece of fabric. After that, the French knot the beads for the stars and use the backstitch for the patterns.

2 .Woven Runner

For making a woven runner, grab a hot glue gun and give your burlap trims the second life by crafting to make it. For a standard size runner, you’ll need six 65-inch and thirty 12-inch strips of burlap. After that, place the stronger strip side-by-side, wave a strip across one end, and apply a small amount of glue behind each strip.

After completing it, continue weaving the rest of the shorter stripes across the longer ones and dab a small amount of glue behind each end to secure. When the shorter strips are there, make sure to secure the other end by gluing behind each strip. If required, you can hem the edges with the help of a sewing machine.

3. Dip-Dye Table Runner

Got an old white poly table linen with lace? Instead of sending it to the dustbin, you can give it an elegant look with the help of a dip-dye. To get a super-trendy look, you will have to fold your runner lengthwise. For ensuring all the layers in place, use a needle and thread to stitch in three places along the edge. Then, tie your pleated runner to an old curtain rod. And pour fabric dye into the tub, add hot water, set your rod with runner into the tub. At last, remove your runner, unfold and wash it in hot water with the detergent.

These are some simple DIY table runner ideas that will help your table bring out it’s a game. You can find a reliable wholesale tablecloth supplier for buying square tablecloths, round tablecloths, rectangular tablecloths, and many others in different colors, patterns, and textures.


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