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Decorating for a big event such as a wedding, baby shower, anniversary, or other important parties can be made simpler and less expensive by using tulle with a range of lighting options. Tulle is a thin and lightweight combination of fibers that creates a romantic feeling. Thereby, it is not just for making tutus only.

This soft fabric creates romantic silhouettes and dreamy decor for events and your home. It is ideal to find one of the best fabric suppliers to buy the wholesale ribbons, tulle spools and many others.

tulle decoration

When you combine tulle with twinkling lights or candles, the result can be an ethereal environment.

1. Weddings

tulle wedding decoration

Tulle fabric is widely used at weddings and this sheer fabric may be used for the bride's veil or other aspects of the wedding apparel. It can also be draped or tied into bows for decorating pews, tables, and other areas.

For stand-out wedding decoration, use tulle with dim or twinkling lights in low light areas such as the corners of the reception halls. You can wrap strings of tiny white lights and lengths of tulle roll around poles or your wedding arch for creating a romantic ambience. Based on the set up of your wedding venue and the types of other lighting, you might even adorn the guest tables or chairs with light and tulle displays.

2. Tulle and Candles

candle and tulle decortion

Twinkle lights and dim bulbs are a traditional way for combining tulle with lights, and accenting your decoration with tulle and candles can also provide stunning decor. You can tie small tulle ribbons or bows to the base of candlesticks during a romantic dinner or holiday celebration for drawing more attention.

You can also hang bulk  tulle in front of candles. The flickering candlelight will create sparkling, dancing spots on the walls and floors, adding a feeling of movement to your decor.

3. Colorful Tulle


While white tulle is used most often, the fabric comes in a wide range of colors and changing the color palette can add a new dimension to your decoration. You can choose the color of the tulle by the occasion. It also comes in glitter and glimmer options that can take the combination of tulle and light to a whole new level. There are many colors available with gold or silver glitter accents. You can hang colorful tulle in mishmash with twinkle lights or candlelight to imitate the feeling of a crystal chandelier.

These are some ideas that you can use for decorating with tulle and lights. You can find a prominent fabric supplier to buy a wide range of wedding-related products including wholesale satin ribbon, tulle, bows, chair covers, tablecloths, and many more at normal prices.

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