3 Awesome Grosgrain Ribbon Crafts that will Make You Swoon BBCrafts.com

Grosgrain, the sturdy craft material that is easily identified by its evenly spaced ribbing, has the potential to be used in a wide range of craft projects. The hardy nature of this craft material lends it a versatility that’s great for several kinds of applications.

It also comes in a wide range of colors, patterns, textures, and sizes, so a crafter will be able to choose one based on their projects or needs. It is ideal to find a well-known décor and craft product supplier for buying ribbons, tulle fabrics, chair covers, table runners, silk flower petals, deco mesh, favor bags, and many others. Below, I’m going to share some of the best ideas to incorporate grosgrain in different DIY projects.

  1. DIY Pearl and Grosgrain Necklace

Materials That You Will Need:

  • Needle
  • Thread (Matching thread to the ribbon or clear thread)
  • Strand of the 3MM pearls
  • 5 – 8MM large pearls
  • 2 – 4MM small pearls
  • 5 yard of Grosgrain Ribbon
  • Scissors


  • Start by preparing your needle and thread for at least 20-inch long.
  • Then prepare your ribbon, but flipping it back and forth and cut after you have flipped the number of loops you would like to create.
  • After that, add the 4 MM and 8MM pearls and repeat the second step until you finish the design and tie a knot for keeping the last loops of ribbon in place.
  • Through your 60-inch-long strand of pearls, loop it thus that it is covered. And then tie a clear thread at the top to keep the pearl in place.
  • Use a needle to sew the design of pearls into place to the pearls at the bottom.
  • Now your project is completed and ready to show your creativity.


  1. Embellish a Hand Towel with Printed Grosgrain

Supplies You Will Need:

  • 1 hand towel and size
  • 1 length of printed grosgrain the width of your towel
  • A lighter
  • A sewing machine


  • Start by measuring the width of your hand towel just inside the seam and cut your ribbon to length and seal the end with a lighter or candle. And then place the ribbon into place on your hand towel.
  • After that, machine stitch with a traditional sew laterally the top edge and them down the sideways back along the bottommost edge and upside to see where you started.
  • It is that easy and you recognize have a unique hand towel.


  1. Ribbon Embellished T-Shirts

Using ribbon for embellishing a t-shirt to give a completely different look to your t-shirt. For this take a plain t-shirt and follow the below-given instructions.

Supplies Needed:

  • T-Shirt
  • Grosgrain
  • Seam ripper
  • Double stick fusible web ¼-inch
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Pins
  • Iron

How to Make:

  • Use a seam ripper for opening the sleeves of the t-shirt, at the hem about 2-inches.
  • Now, place double stick fusible web ¼-inch, adhesive side down, on 3/8-inch-wide grosgrain.
  • For determining how much ribbon you will need, measure the circumstance of each sleeve and complement 2-inches. It will be more than you need but you don’t need to take too little.
  • After that, peel the paper backing off the fusible web and twig the ribbon on the outside of the sleeve, close the edge.
  • Then iron the ribbon to the t-shirt so that it will simply stay in place for the next step.
  • Use matching thread for sewing the ribbon in place and stitch near the edge sideways on each side of the ribbon on each sleeve.
  • At last, pin the openings in the sleeves that you completed in step 1and stitch them nearby again.

These are some of the best DIY projects that you can make using grosgrain. You can find one of the best fabric suppliers for buying satin ribbon, grosgrain ribbon, organza fabric, polyester tablecloth, rosette chair cover, silk flower petal, and many others.