3 Creative Uses of Burlap Fabric to Enhance the Look of Your House BBCrafts.com

Burlap is a new name that you must have heard in the fabric industry. But if you think that this is a new fabric then you are wrong because this fabric has been in use for multiple applications for decades. For example, burlap bags are most commonly used for potatoes, onions, and rice sacks. This fabric is as common as other fabrics such as cotton, wool, polyester, etc.

Now you must be wondering how it is made, so it is made up of a jute plant. If you are into farming or interested to study farming you must know that jute plants grow over 10 feet high and their fabric can be used for various purposes. This plant demands hot and humid temperatures consisting of areas for jute cultivation just like rice.

Benefits of Burlap fabrics:
Burlap fabric, which is commonly known as Hessian, is very popular because it can be used in a wide variety. As mentioned above that this fabric is made from the jute plant, so it is usually too rough so it cannot be used as a clothing material. But it is highly durable and breathable, and this is the reason why it can be used in so many ways and especially in industrial areas. It is often used for keeping the material that has a high tendency to spoil from moisture, such as coffee, tea, rice, etc. so burlap material is very commonly used in many industries and work areas.

The most common uses of burlap fabric are it is used for sandbags, and rough sacks and can be used as a temporary building material. This material is also used in the military use as well, because of its durability and the natural lack of a shiny finish.

Other Decorative Uses of Burlap Fabric:
1. You Can Use It for Covering Chairs: Burlap fabric can be the perfect fabric if you want to give your house an antique and vintage look. You can use this fabric to cover your chairs. Its neutral color compliments the best rustic, or vintage-styled living rooms. As it is a rough fabric, so you just need to make sure that it is soft enough that people are comfortable sitting on those chairs. This will protect your chair from destruction and give your chair a unique professional look.

2. Can Be Used for Cushions and Curtains: You can even make curtains and cushions with the use of burlap fabric which will complete the whole look of your vintage living room look. It is very beneficial to use burlap curtains in the kitchen and you can even use the cushion covers on the terrace as well.

3. For Lampshades: As burlap fabric contains small pores so it is best to create creative and beautiful lampshades. They are easy and cost-friendly to make. These lampshades can be used in living rooms, or in bedrooms. And there are numerous ways to decorate it as you can decorate it with white laced fabric, and it will look fabulous with its natural color.

So these are the uses of burlap fabrics. These can even be used as plant pots, table runners, etc. Every fabric is interesting and you can use a simple fabric in so many ways. For example, you can use sheer organza fabric for making sheer organza bags, gift bags, sheer organza dress, etc.