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Mesh is one of the perfect decorating materials to use when you are creating your holiday home look. This décor material holds its shape perfectly and also comes in a wide range of colors that allow you to customize your decoration to suit your holiday or event theme color palette. They are also perfect for DIY home decoration.

Simple Ways to Add Deco Mesh into Christmas Tree

By incorporating mesh in your DIY Christmas decoration, you can take it to the next level and also inject them to create a personal touch. It is ideal to find one of the best décors and holiday products suppliers to buy ribbons, fabrics, mesh wrap, flower petals, wedding tablecloths, chair covers, and many others. Below, I’m going to share some amazing ways to incorporate mesh into your Christmas tree decoration.  

1.    Create a Deco Mesh Garland

Create a Deco Mesh Garland

Choose the Color of the Mesh: Since deco mesh comes in different colors, so anyone can choose one based on their theme and the entire décor.

Start at The Top of the Tree: If you want to make a garland with the mesh, begin at the top of your Christmas tree and let the remaining roll of mesh fall to the ground. There is no need to cut the material up until you are ended applying the garland to the tree.

Attach the Garland to the Tree: For attaching the garland to the tree, you should bunch the end of the mesh together. And to decorate a real tree, you should attach mesh using twist ties or pipe cleaners.

Wrap the Deco Mesh Around the Tree: You can make a garland by continuously wrapping the mesh around the tree. After attaching the garland at the top of the tree, again start wrapping the mesh around the tree to create a puff.

2.    Use Individual Pieces

Cut the Mesh into Smaller Piece: If you want to add color and texture to your Christmas tree, then cut the mesh into smaller pieces. How many pieces you will need to vary on the size of the tree.

Roll the Small Pieces of Mesh into Tubes and Attach Them to the Tree: You can roll the small mesh piece into tubes and attach the center of the tube to the tree. You can stick out two sides of the tubes for creating a whimsical look.

Drape the Pieces Over the Branches: For adding a small piece of garland, keep the pieces of mesh flat and push one corner back into the tree and drape the rest of the mesh over the branches

3.    Getting Creative with Deco Mesh

Getting Creative with Deco Mesh


Use More than One Color of Mesh: You can also get creative by using a different color of the mesh into your tree. For example, use red and green color throughout your tree to give it more variety. You can also choose color based on your entire decoration.

Layer the Mesh with Ribbons: If you want to add a dynamic look to your tree, then you can attach a ribbon to the mesh. You can place a colorful ribbon onto your garland and attach it to the tree creating a chic look. It will help you to add more color and texture to your tree. You can also make small ribbons bows and attach them to the garland through the tree.

Add the Ornaments After Attaching the Deco Mesh: After adding mesh garland and lighting to your Christmas tree, start to fill the rest of the space using a variety of ornaments. You can choose a particular color scheme and matching ornaments to the mesh for decorating your tree. If you want to get a more eclectic look then you can hang a wide range of colored ornamentson your tree.

These are some simple and easy ways to add mesh to your Christmas tree. You can find a reliable craft and holiday products supplier to buy ribbon, tulle, organza fabric, mesh wrap, flower petals, satin tablecloth, and many others.

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