3 Easy Ribbon Farmhouse Wreath DIYS for All Seasons, Styles, and Spaces BBCrafts.com

I really admire wreaths and tend to change them every season to create a calming and welcoming atmosphere at home. I usually look for inexpensive and simple DIY projects, especially when it comes to home décor. However, finding ways to bring a sense of elegance and charm to my outdoor spaces isn’t as easy as it sounds but it is always worth the effort and my absolute favorite pastime. 

I decided to craft a creative farmhouse wreath with a few craft supplies to achieve an extra visual appeal. Whatever aspect of farmhouse style you’d like to feature in your home, I’ll help you create just the right wreath to accentuate your entrance, inside wall, or door.

I went for a rustic-style farmhouse wreath which was easier to put together and perfectly fits all spaces, personality, and lifestyle. Let’s get started with a step-by-step guide to make a few DIY ribbon farmhouse wreaths that I’ve tried and you’ll definitely love them.

1. Bubble Wreath

I won’t hesitate to say that this farmhouse wreath is very quick, easy, and economical. One of the reasons I made this is that it satisfies my soul and deeply inspires everyone. 

Supplies Needed:

Blue and white striped wired and metallic ribbons
Wire wreath form


Take a wreath wireframe and a couple of spools of ribbon to create a gorgeous wreath with no wire showing through.
Use wired and metallic ribbons of rustic color tones (I used beige and blue striped ribbons) to give a fuller effect.
If you are left with more ribbons, create a matching bow for the wreath for an extra pleasant look and feel. (Optional)
And with a few finishing touches, the farmhouse ribbon wreath is finished and ready to hang on a window or door entrance.

2. Spring Ribbon Farmhouse Wreath 

As a farmhouse-style wreath created by ribbons is becoming widely popular, I took a challenge and created it within a week. The crafting experience was pleasurable. 

Material Needed:

Natural Jute Mesh
Burlap work wreath
Different colors of signs, mesh, and fabrics


Take a 24-inch burlap work wreath or pencil wreath in multiple color combinations. It can be anything like pink, beige, red, blue, printed, etc.

Pick poly jute mesh in a 10-inch width and 10 yards of rolls to bring more texture and volume. This natural color is pretty good but you can also go for any color you’d like. 

Cut the mesh into 30-inch length for fancy ruffles and twist them on the work wreath. To make a ruffle, simply roll up the mesh and spread it out. 

Now place a ruffle on the inner and outer ring. I picked two 2.5 inches and 1.5 inches spring ribbons to create small bows, loops, and tails. 

Take 12 inches of ribbon strips of each style and create a cluster for rough yet natural vibes. Place this cluster in each outer and inner ring.

With extra ribbons, make a large bow for the front or you can also create a sign to place it on the center of the wreath.

Now fluff your ribbons more than once while ensuring they are facing up. Make a hanger for a wreath with a chenille stem or zip. And hurray, your farmhouse wreath is ready to flaunt in the spring season.

 3. Easy Farmhouse Wreath with Ribbon Bows

I decided to create a farmhouse-style wreath with my all-time favorite bow design to achieve a captivating look and feel. You can probably get craft supplies to easily create wreaths at home as I did. 

Material you’ll need:

Grapevine wreath
Wired burlap ribbon
White sheer ribbon
Wired jute cord
Wood arrow sign
Acrylic paint 


Take 16-inch pieces of burlap ribbon and fold them into halves. Also, cut 12-inch pieces to make the tail.

Use a stapler to secure the end together, instead of hot glue.

Take a sheer ribbon and stitch ribbon of the same sizes and put them around burlap circles and don’t forget to staple them again. 

Place the burlap or ribbon circles on top of each other to create a star. Then, collect them in the middle with the wire or twist them.

To make a bow, take a 12-inch piece of ribbon and cut V-shape on the end. Now use the other piece of wire to secure the back of the bow properly.

It’s time to add details like greenery, berries, and stems. You can attach anything in the middle of your wreath and fill the cracks with white acrylic paint. 

Update Your Home with DIY Wreath Crafting!

I had so much fun creating these three wreaths at home. The best part is that you can customize them in any way you like by using vibrant ribbons, fabrics, and bows. Farmhouse-style wreaths are having the moment at the present. And if these exciting DIY wreaths inspired you a little, my mission has been accomplished.