3 Gorgeous DIY Ribbon Crafts that Works for All Occasions, Mood, and Interest BBCrafts.com

As you know, the crafting possibilities are endless with ribbons. You can make anything from bows and flowers to flower girl baskets and more. Crating with ribbon is great because this is one of the most versatile materials.

You can easily fold this material, twist it, and loop It into the most amazing shapes. It is ideal to find a wholesale fabric and craft supplier to buy ribbons in bulk, tulle fabric, deco mesh, chair cover, tablecloth, and many others. Below, I’m going to share some amazing DIY craft ideas that you can make with ribbon.

  1. Ribbon and Fabric Flowers

For making your own fabric flower, you need to tear fabric into one-inch strips and then cut it into 8-inches long strips. And for ribbon flowers, you need to use half-inch ribbon and cut them into 4-inches long strips.

  • You should use thread in the corresponding color to sew consecutively along one edge of the strip or ribbon.
  • After that, slide fabric along with the thread, drawstring style, to pleat.
  • Now, take the ends of the fabric together, right sides facing, and sew. You should cut off excess seam stipend and put on-seam sealant to cut edges of the fabric for preventing unraveling.
  • You need to fold a few stamens in half and slip a 10-inch floral wire concluded them at the fold. And then fold the wire in half and turn to secure it.
  • After that, insert the stem into the center of the flower and add glue to secure and let dry.
  • At last, warp stem in floral tape. For decorating favors, glue flowers to fabric bands.


  1. Rickrack Flowers

Start to count 16 points along the lower edge of the rickrack and snip with cut edges pointing upward. And after that, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Start by knitting thread and sew through the points along the edge.
  • After that, gather rickrack onto the needle as you sew.
  • After gathering the entire strip onto the needle, hold it close, and twitch the thread through determinedly and then sew through the first fold and twitch tight.
  • Now, bring the ends of the rickrack together. Sew and then trim off the extra seam allowance, and then use seam sealant to raw edges.
  • On the underneath of flower, backstitch points together and anchor end of the strand with tiny stitches.
  • Then, fold a few stamens in half and slip the floral wire through them at the fold. You need to fold the wire in half and twist them to secure it.
  • At last, insert the stem into the center of the flower, dab on tacky glue to secure, and let them dry. You should warp the stem into the floral tape.


  1. Flower Girl Basket


  • Start by cutting half-inch twill tape that is long enough to wrap around the basket and overlap slightly.
  • Then cut the grosgrain ribbon to the desired length for making enough strips to fit around the basket.
  • After that, fold each ribbon in half and pin it onto twill tape. You need to hand-stitch ribbons to tape and snip ends at an angle.
  • For the basket handle, lay an 8-inch piece of ribbon across the top of the basket and attach it to the side just below the rim with glue.
  • Glue ribbon-fringed tape just under the rim, making sure to shelter ends of handle ribbon. At last, trim ends of tape where they link.

These are some of the best DIY crafts that you can make using ribbons. You can find one of the reliable wedding and craft product suppliers for purchasing tulle fabric, organza fabric, deco mesh, wholesale grosgrain ribbon, chair cover, table runner, flower girl basket, and many others.