3 Gorgeous Ways to Decorate a Christmas Tree with Ribbons BBCrafts.com

When it comes to the best Christmas tree embellishments, there's generally a deliberation about lights and jumbles. But aren't all people overlooking something? Ribbons, of course! When shown with care, the Christmas tree ribbon can advance to a really striking tree.

This Christmas, uplift your holiday centerpiece with a bit of ornament and give your tree a graceful designer touch using Christmas tree ribbons. It is ideal to find an online wedding and craft product supplier for buying ribbons in bulk sales, fabrics, chair covers, table runners, and many other décor items. Below, I’m going to share some awesome ways to decorate a Christmas tree with a ribbon.

  1. Wrap and Tuck Ribbon Style

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Steps to Decorate Your Christmas Tree in Wrap and Tuck Style:

Step 1: Wrap a Wired Ribbon Around Your Tree

Start from the top and loop the ribbon around the Christmas tree in a downward spiral. You should tuck the ribbon deep into the branches.

Step 2: Secure Your Ribbon

After that, you can attach your ribbon to tree branches using floral wires or pipe cleaners. You can also take wired branches to hold the ribbon in place.

  1. Ribbon Cascade Style

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Instructions to Embellish Your Tree with the Ribbon Cascade Style:

Step 1: Make Ribbon Folds with a Cascading Waterfall Effect

First, take the wired ribbon and shape large bows from the treetop. You should tuck and secure the ribbon to the inner branches as you move down the length of the tree.

Step 2: Style the Ends of Your Ribbon

In the next step, trim the ends of your Christmas tree ribbon into a fishtail shape to get a polished look. Otherwise, you can shape the ends into rolls.

  1. Ribbon Ornament Style

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Steps to Decorate Christmas Tree with Ribbon Ornaments:

Step 1: Cut Ribbons into Strip

Take non-wired ribbons with two dissimilar designs or colors. After that, you will need to cut them into strips with varying lengths for a layered effect.

Step 2: Tie Ribbons to Ornaments

After that, you will need to tie the ribbon around the top of each ornament. It will help in bringing texture and uniformity throughout your tree.

Things to Consider When Decorating a Christmas Tree with Ribbon

There are some important things that you should keep in mind when using ribbons to décor your Christmas Tree, such as:

  • Fluff Your Tree Before Decorating

Before attaching ribbons, you should take time to fluff your tree. You should start from the back of each branch and move to the front, twisting tips up and outward.

  • Use the Right Kind of Ribbon

Wired ribbons easily hold their shape, so you can simply twist and bend them into loops, bows, or other styles. Otherwise, non-wired ribbons are perfect if you want to tie knots or weave the strands into small areas.

  • Check Your Work

Although beautifying your tree, take a step back and confirm that the ribbons are well-spaced and fluffed. Then, make alterations as required.

Hopefully, the above-mentioned guides will give you some ideas on how to use Christmas tree ribbon. You can find a well-known décor and craft product supplier for buying tulle fabrics, deco mesh, lace fabrics, favor bags, chair covers, wholesale flower girl baskets, candle holders, and many other products at the best prices.