3 Homemade Decoration Ideas for a Jazzy New Year's Eve Party BBCrafts.com
Just little less than two months remain till the New Year, a time that calls for some fun at the party.

Here are a few easy DIY suggestions to help you smartly and affordably add a festive touch to your celebration.

1. A Paper Accordion Clock
To make a paper accordion clock you require- two rolls of coordinated craft paper, a cardboard circle (8 cm in diameter), glue, a clock mechanism, number stickers (3,6,9,12), and a retractable knife.

(i) Split coordinating craft paper in half (horizontally).
ii) Fold each of the four pieces of paper once every 1 cm.
iii) Form a tube by adhering all of these sections together (end to end).
iv) Create the center by pressing the top of the tube downward (to flatten it).
v) Punch a 1 cm hole through the center of the card piece, then fasten it to the
rear of the accordion shape. Place stickers with numbers (3,6,9 & 12)
vi) Last but not least, center-fix your clock's mechanism.

Use Word Art in Microsoft Word to print the inverse outlines of the numbers (1 to 10) on cards for Colorful Countdown Numbers (of different colors). Utilizing a retractable knife, cut out each number, add stars at random (using a star hand punch), and insert into wine cork slits.

2. Party Ball with Glitter
You'll need a sphere-shaped paper lantern, glue, glitter, and a clean towel (to place where you will work)

(i) Spot-apply glue in areas of the lantern's surface, then instantly cover the region with enough glitter.
ii) Carry on in the same manner until all of the lantern's surface is covered in
iii) After the initial coat has dried, add two more layers of glitter to ensure that no
area appears to be missing any.

3. Shining Hanging Streamers
You'll need card stock, glue, wrapping paper, a circle cutter, monofilament, a hole punch, and thumbtacks.

(i) Cover each piece of cardstock with wrapping paper after applying adhesive to
both sides.
ii) Cut out circular card pieces with a range of diameters (from 2" to 6").
iii) Punctuate each circle with a hole at the top and bottom (in the smallest, punch a hole at the top only).
iv) Using jump rings, chain these circles together (large to small).
v) Each streamer should be attached to the ceiling or doorways using
monofilament and thumbtacks.

Have you found these gorgeous, holiday Do It Yourself party décor ideas to be helpful? Or did you just come across some new quick and unconventional decorating suggestions?