3 Simple Ways to Make Beautiful Ribbon Flowers for Any Decoration BBCrafts.com

Flowers are colorful and bright and every person loves fresh flowers for the pop of color they offer along with the fragrance. Flowers are also one of the most amazing décor items, as well as preferred presents for all age groups and genders. Everyone loves some fresh flowers in their backyard, their drawing, and the dining room set up in beautiful vases.

Ribbons are one of the prettiest craft items that find most utility in everyday life. It will also be great to explore the world of ribbon flowers. You can make different types of beautiful flowers using satin ribbons. You can get satin ribbons in a wide range of widths to suit your usage, as well as the finish of your flower. Below, I’m going to share step-by-step processes for making simple ribbon flowers.

  1. Make Pretty Ribbon Rose Flower

Ribbons rose is really easy to make that uses many layers of colored satin rectangular pieces. For making this flower, you should start with cutting regular rectangular pieces from the satin ribbon. After that, fold the top corners inwards and set them at the base with the help of a pin. To secure it properly, stitch it with the help of a needle and thread.

And then pull the thread for gathering ribbons in the middle at both of the triangles. Now make a bulb by curling the folded and gathered satin cloth. Follow this process for gathering more and more satin pieces. Then go for larger stain pieces as the central bulbs keep on growing. Sew the base of the bulbs together for forming a complete flower. You can make several rose flowers for making a complete bouquet.

  1. DIY Pretty Flower Hairpin

Begin by cutting rectangular pieces from satin ribbon and then fold the pieces of ribbons into petals. You can use a plucker for sealing the base of the petal. Now, start to stick petals adjacent to each other in a circular shape and add a small satin circular path at the back of the metal ring.

Make smaller-sized petals and stick them in a cluster of three petals. You will need to make several such three petal clusters. Join three petal clusters and the flowers using a thin cotton thread. Add a pearl in the middle of the flower to make it more adorable. With the help of this, you can make a beautiful brooch. You can also add them to the stash of your dress, edges of the bedsheets, or tablecloths.

  1. Make Satin Flower Carnation Flower

This is one of the prettiest pastel floral brooch designs that can be made with any combination of colors. Begin with two rectangular pieces of ribbons in different colors. After taking the ribbons, fold the pastel pink colored ribbon piece in half and seal it at the edges. Now pass the white ribbon through the hole, fold in the front, and seal it using the hot glue gun.

After that, hold the base and fold the petal backward and now you will have one petal of the flower. Make various petals using the same process. And then stitch them on a circular base of satin. Now, you should layer one more line of petals on top of the previous layer of petals. Also, adorn each petal apex with a pearl sequin. For completing your flower, add a pearl and sequined central bulb to its center. You can use your beautiful DIY ribbon flower as a brooch or also as a decoration at your home.

These are some easy ribbon flowers that you can make yourself in the comfort of your home. You can find a wholesale ribbon and deco items supplier for buying different types of ribbons, fabrics, chair covers, tablecloths, and many other products at reasonable prices.