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Wedding backdrops are one of the most important décor elements when it comes to wedding decoration. Now, many people want this for enhancing the look of their wedding ceremony. There are a lot of great ideas that you can use for making wedding backdrops. 

Some ideas are very simpler than others that you can easily make at your home. You are also able to find various materials and have a wide range of wedding backdrop ideas to choose from, starting with DIY wedding backdrops, wedding photo backdrops, and rustic wedding backdrops to personalized wedding backdrops. 

You can also use materials like tulle fabric, ribbon, your engagement photos, artificial flowers, and other items for making your wedding backdrop. But, today, I’m going to share a step-to-step guide for making a beautiful tulle wedding backdrop to add a personal and romantic touch to your wedding. 

Tips to Make a Tulle Wedding Backdrop 

Tips to Make a Tulle Wedding Backdrop

Step 1: Measure and Cut Twine to the Length of Your Wall 

First, take a piece of twine and with the help of your family, friends, or others hold both the end of the twine and tie a knot in the corner. Repeat this process all around the barn for signifying the length of each wall and also for identifying your corner. Also make sure, when you will start to do this step, measure the height of the wall where you are planning to hang the twine. 

Step 2: Measure Spacing for Tulle Draperies 

You can hang your twine up in your home/workspace. It will be great to hang your twine at a similar height to attach the pieces of tulle. 

Step 3: Cut Tulle in Strips to Desired Length 

In this step, cut the tulle into strips of your desired length. And after that, drape each section over the twine, it may get heavy. So, tack up your twine well to secure it. 

Step 4: Add Multiple Colors of Tulle If Desired 

If you don’t want just a white wall of tulle, then add your favorite color to add some blush. You can either choose pastel colors or bright colors to tie between each section of white tulle. 

  • Instructions to Attach Tulle to the Twine 

You can see online how a crafter is executing a similar project. After various deliberations, you can choose to simply tie the sections up. If you are taking up a 54-inch piece of tulle, then take the ends and tie each one to the twine and drape the tulle in a U-shape between the tied points. 

Another way to complete this project would be to fold your tulle in half and loop the tail ends through the rounded shape around the twine to dangle down the loose ends. 

  • Add Twinkle Lights for More Interest 

You can also add twinkle lights for enhancing the look of your tulle backdrop. You can add a line around the top of the barn perimeter. And you can string them along the top for covering where the tulle meets the ceiling. 

  • Storing Your Tulle Backdrop 

After finishing your DIY project, you should think about storing it in a secure place, because tulle has to be stored carefully. If you put it in a box for some months, you will notice it would take to get the crinkles and wrinkles out. 

You can take it upstairs and drape it over a spare backdrop. It will help you to keep the tulle wall fully draped and unwrinkled. Make sure to keep the door shut for preventing it from shreds before the wedding day. 

By following the above-mentioned steps you can make a beautiful wedding backdrop using tulle fabric. You can find one of the best wedding and craft product suppliers for buying tulle fabric, organza fabric, deco mesh, chair covers, tablecloths, flower petals, favor bags, and many others.