4 Steps to Make a Happy School Days Craft with Ribbon and School Supplies BBCrafts.com

The best part of the back-to-school period is at all times the school supplies. But although it’s fun to pick out notebooks, pencil cases, and new bags, it is even better when you engrave your own items. That way, you get to display off your dissimilar personality.

Apart from this, you can also make some dissimilar back-to-school projects using some basic craft materials. It is ideal to find a reliable wedding and craft product supplier for purchasing tulle fabric, organza fabric, grosgrain ribbon, lace ribbon, chair cover, tablecloth, favor bag, and many others. Below, I’m going to share step-by-step ways to make a beautiful craft using some school essentials and craft supplies.

  • Happy School Days Craft

Materials That You Will Need:

  • Black tinsel work wreath foam
  • Poly deco mesh in wide foil metallic black
  • Stitched squares ribbon in black and white color
  • Ruler ribbon in black and yellow color
  • Yellow smiley face ribbon
  • Gingham check wire ribbon in lime green and white color
  • Stitches squares ribbon royal blue and white color
  • Swiss dots ribbon in red and white color
  • Metallic glitter to back to school floral spray
  • Glitter smiley face pick in yellow and black ribbon
  • Wooder ruler
  • Giant pencil
  • Scalloped metal sign note board in red color


  • Rotary cutter
  • Cutting mat
  • Scissors


  1. You can use the ruffle method for the base of the wreath, with a 10-inch cutting of the black mesh. Any black mesh will work amazingly, whether it’s striped, plaid, or whatever your heart desired. You should just limit any additional colors to red, blue, green, yellow, or white.
  2. After attaching mesh in its place, you need to cut your ribbons and finish them with a dive tail cut. You should make your ribbon cutting 14-inches long and trim after if there is a wayward piece or two.
  3. In this step, you can begin by adding the picks. First, cut each of them into three separate pieces and use the tinsel ties for attaching them all around. You should make sure that smiley faces are upright.
  4. At last, add your sign, ruler, and pencil. It is great to use paint markers for writing on your sign. You can also use sticker letters to get a more finished look.

Tip: You should hide the way your pencil and ruler are attached by using adhesive clips. You can just adhere a clip to the back of your object with the sticky side and can use the clip to attach it to a tinsel tie.

By gathering all essential craft supplies and following the above-mentioned instructions, you can make a beautiful back-to-school project. You can find one of the best wedding and craft product suppliers for purchasing tulle fabric, satin fabric, burlap ribbon, deco mesh, polyester chair cover, spandex tablecloth, organza favor bag, and many others at economical prices.