5 Deco Mesh Craft Ideas to Add Visual Appeal to All Occasions BBCrafts.com

Deco mesh is a very wide and open weave ribbon that is used for making a wide range of crafts and décor items. The best thing about this craft material is that it can easily be twisted and accumulated in various easy for bringing a charm. It is ideal for floral arrangements, making a wreath, garland, centerpieces, and many others. 

Whether it’s your loved one's birthday coming up, a wedding or any other special occasion, everyone likes to receive a thoughtful gift that is created with a bit of creativity, affection, and love. If you want to make something special for impressing your loved ones or add elegance to your home, then you will never go wrong with this versatile craft material. Below, I’m going to share some fabulous craft pieces that you can make using mesh ribbon for any occasion. 

1.  Pretty Mesh Flowers 

Pretty Mesh Flowers

If you want to add a personal touch to your home then it is awesome to create your own version in the comfort of your home. Deco mesh flowers are one of the best and easy DIY that you can make at your home with a little craft. You can easily make gorgeous flowers by picking different colors of mesh ribbons, like yellow, white, red, purple, pink, fuchsia, and many others. Start by twirling and gathering all of them together and hang them next to your door windows for creating a welcoming atmosphere. 

2.  Whimsical Fall Wreath 

Whimsical Fall Wreath

By using mesh ribbon, you can make a beautiful wreath in any style. It is great to get a wired wreath. First, twist the floral mesh securely and gather it into a puff for providing a unique appearance to your craft. At last, decorate it with fancy lighting or ornaments for capturing your guest’s appearance during the celebration. 

3.  Puff Balls or Topiaries 

Puffballs are one of the wonderful decoration options for bridal or baby showers. You can easily create several puff balls using different colors of mesh ribbons like pink, orange, and more. For making this elegant craft, begin by cutting the stripes of ribbon, and roll it into the curl. After that, attach curl to achieve your desired look. 

You can either hang them on trees for an outstanding garden party or at an indoor space to spice up the corner. You can also use them for creating topiaries to elevate the appearance of your dining or dessert table. 

4.  Captivating Centerpiece 

Captivating Centerpiece

Everyone likes to decorate their dining table for impressing their guests. Nothing is better than a centerpiece with candle holders for decorating the table. You can easily make a beautiful centerpiece using mesh, sheer gold/silver ribbon, and a glass of candle. First, take a foam disk to make the base of your centerpiece and then cut the edges, and gather them for a neat look. It will help to brighten up the look of your dining table and also make you feel like a star of the season. 

5.  Wedding Bow 

Wedding Bow

Deco mesh is one of the best and brilliant choices for bringing romance to any wedding with a bow. Making a bow is so simple and easy and it will also add a whimsy touch to your grand day. Simple take mesh of any color and twist them into the shape of a bow to get a gorgeous look. When you walk down the aisle, invited guests will surely look at the bow attached to your dress and also can’t stop looking at you. 

If you like the finishing of your artwork with creativity and personal touches, then deco mesh will never make you feel dissatisfied. You can use the above-mentioned craft ideas for bringing happiness, love, and tranquility on all special occasions. By using some craft materials like ribbon, fabrics, and details you can create outstanding art pieces for impressing your guests.