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When you are basking in the celebration of New Year’s Eve, there are chances that you would be equally excited as well as frenzied about how to give a festive and cheerful makeover to you home for the New Year celebration.

5 Easy and Creative New Year Décor Hacks to Try at Your Home

There are various ways that you can turn your home into an embellished venue with some creative and effective methods, using different décor materials buying from wholesale fabric suppliers. Here, we have listed down some uniquely inspiring decoration tips for your home this New Year’s Eve:

1. ‘Reflect on the Past’ Papers

Give something crafty for your family, partner, kids as well as your New Year party guests to ponder over and discuss in detail. Color printable paper stickers and keep them or pass around for others to write down and discuss.

2. DIY New Year’s Rockets

You would have gift wrapping paper stored around from the Christmas gifts, as well as wedding ribbons or other ribbon types. If not, you can buy these cost-effectively only. Now, cut a cardboard tube from kitchen roll, and use pencil, glue gun, pencil and gift-wrapping paper and ribbon to craft beautiful rockets that can be placed on the table or can be used as gifts also for your guests.

3. Make Confetti Poppers

Confetti papers have become a kind of standard for the New Year celebration. You can make these at your home, using simple items in your home. Jazz up a tube of toilet paper, paste to it a cut-up balloon and then attach confetti to it, and you are done; so easy.

4. Ribbon Garland

Now, the ribbon is one item that can be used in an effective way in an endless number of décor items. One such is a ribbon garland for decking up your home. Create a garland (in the length that you deem fit as per your home interior or decoration needs) using black, gold and white ribbons which will instantly enhance the whole appearance of your home interior.

5. Year Number Banners

This one is also another decoration item that can be made using paper plates. Get 4 paper plates, write 2’s on two and 0’s on two. Now, decorate these plates the way you want, using different types of element including stickers, crayons, glitters and more, and then punch holes in the plates, string them and hang.

Apart from these, you can also dress up your New Year gifts for your guests using designer sheer organza favor bags. So, with these easy DIY hacks, you can totally get your home decked up for the celebrations.

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