5 Pretty DIY Easter Wreaths to Enhance Your Front Door Look BBCrafts.com

Easter is a celebratory holiday full of pastels, florals, colorful eggs, and lovable animals (such as bunnies and chicks). Although you may be beautifying your home with spring decorations, don't overlook spruce up your front entrance with Easter wreaths.

To help you find the faultless wreath to DIY on your own or with family and friends, I’m sharing some imaginative and vivacious designs that make inordinate Easter entrance decorations. It is ideal to find one of the top wedding and craft product suppliers for buying peach satin ribbon, mesh ribbon, organza fabric, polyester chair cover, rosette tablecloth, and many others at discounted prices. Let’s take a look at these DIY Easter weather that you must try.

  1. Beaded Carrot Wreath

Welcome the Easter bunny into your home with this decorated carrot wreath. For making this wreath, you will need colored eggs, a natural egg carton, scissors, acrylic paint, a craft brush, yellow felt triangles, hot glue, and painted feathers.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  • Lay down drop fabric on your work part. Dye each wood bead orange and let them dry.
  • Twist one end of the flowery wire over with your wire scissors to make a stopping point for the blobs.
  • Strand each bead onto the flowery wire beginning with the lowest and working your technique up to the major size.
  • Twist the floral wire over and cut the additional. Cut a small cluster of the excelsior all one dimension using your scissors.
  • Twig the excelsior into the top hovel and if you want to complement more than what turns in the hole, dash a little hot glue on the topmost of the bead and complement more excelsior.
  • You should repeat steps 2-7 for your desired number of carrots. Tie together with a band to create a lot of carrots.
  • Attribute a ribbon onto the back with some dashes of hot glue and dangle the design on your entrance.


  1. Magnolia Wreath

Magnolias make attractive gifts. Decorating them on your front entrance not only greetings spring but Easter as well. Only some supplies are required for this project: your grapevine wreath, magnolia twigs, green moss, flowery wire scissors, and a hot glue gun.

  1. Painted Cupcake Liner Wreath

For this imaginative wreath, all you'll need are some white cupcake linings, white foam wreath form, acrylic paint, craft brushes, a drop cloth, and stitching pins with white tops.

Follow these steps to make your own:

  • Lay down drop fabric on your work area.
  • Dye each cupcake liner a dissimilar color by making brush hits on the ends of the liner. Make sure to keep the midpoint white to get a ‘floret look.' Leave them for some time to completely dry.
  • When dry, ascribe your dyed cupcake liners to the foam wreath form with a pin in the midpoint - being sure to alternative colors to create a more dynamic-looking wreath.
  • Dangle and you're done.


  1. Candy Wreath

Although this wreath idea is picture-perfect for birthday decoration, it's also fitting for Easter. Gather the candy leftover from your Easter forager searches and turn them into an eye-catching door display.

  1. Navy and Pink Tropical Flower Wreath

This wreath was placed together with peony floral stalks. You can shade the foam wreath base with navy blue acrylic paint (or with any hue yu favor) and use flowery pins to tack the floral arrangement along the bottommost.

These are some DIY Easter wreaths that will help you upgrade your front door. You can find a reliable fabric store for buying a wide range of deco mesh colors, tulle fabric, organza ribbon, chair covers, table runners, and many others at wholesale prices.