5 Simple Steps to Make Dancing Ribbons for Cute Party Activities BBCrafts.com

Making dancing ribbons on a budget with some simple steps is an easy craft for kids. This is also a cute party activity that can be used for dancing, match, and literacy activities. Kids like dancing ribbons for music and movement activities, as well as literacy events.

This is also one of the easiest craft ideas for preschoolers. If you don’t want to spend extra money on crafts, as well as want to expand your kid’s craft then it is ideal to find a wholesale fabric supplier for buying ribbon, tulle fabric, satin fabric, chair cover, tablecloth, and many others. Below, I’m going to share a step-by-step process for making cute, budget-friendly dancing ribbons.

Craft Supplies

  • Ribbon

For making this DIY craft, grab real ribbons that fit into your budget. You can also use your rectangular tablecloth for making inexpensive ribbons. You can find tablecloths in a wide range of colors at an online fabric store.

  • Rings

You will also need some different types of rings for completing this craft. Here are some items that you can use for rings, including:

  • Jelly bracelets
  • Plastic lids (You can cut out a circle in the center)
  • Small paper plates
  • Chenille Stems
  • Rubber slingshot frogs, bunnies, or other animals


Step 1:

If you are using a rectangular tablecloth instead of buying a ribbon to make this craft, then cut it into strips of ribbons. For making the task of cutting the tablecloth easy, you should not fold them all the way. If you have a rotary cutter then you will be able to cut strips just as strips of fabric for quilts. You can also use a ruler for making the strips equally, mark them with a pen, and cut them using scissors.

Step 2:

When you unfold the strip, you will have a bunch of nice colorful ribbons for adding the rings. Now, it’s time for attaching the ribbons to a ring.

Step 3:

Before attaching the strips to ribbons to a ring, you should fold them in half. After that, stuck the folded edge through the bracelet.

Step 4:

Then, open the fold for making a loop. You need to stick your hand through the loop, grab the other end of the ribbon, pull it through the loop, as well as pull it tight around the ring.

Step 5:

Your kid will require some assistance with this. You can add 3-5 ribbons to each ring. But if you have enough supplies and your kids enjoy the craft, then you can add more. If you want to retain your end even, you can give them a little cut.

  • Additional Elements

In addition to simple ribbons, you can also add curling ribbon to your rings. You can also add jingle bells that might be a fun addition as well.

  • Paper Plate Variation

If your kids are not ready for tying the ribbons onto rings then it will be great to use a stapler instead. You can use two paper plates for making the ring a little sturdier. Your little crafter can staple ribbons around the paper plate. They can complete their craft by decorating or coloring the paper plate ring.

  • Ideas for Using Dancing Ribbons

There are so many fun ways for using dancing ribbons and here are some of them, including:

  • You can use them for a special birthday song during classroom circle time.
  • Your child can create shapes, letters, or numbers in the air with the dancing ribbons.
  • It is great to use dancing ribbons for counting and emphasizing syllables in words or names.
  • You can also make them as a party activity and use them as part of the celebration.
  • Dancing ribbons are great to use for a dance party.

The above-mentioned information will give you a proper idea for making and using dancing ribbons. You can find a reliable wedding and craft product supplier for buying tulle fabric, mesh ribbon, satin tablecloth, chair cover, organza favor bag, silk flower petals, and many others at wholesale prices.